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A Guide to Palmistry: Line of Saturn (Fate Line), Chapter XIII, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Line of Saturn (Fate Line)

It is the vertical straight line (AB fig. 1) which starts from the centre base of the h and near the rascettes and runs towards the Mount of Saturn dividing the palm into two parts. This line is also called “The Line of Fate,” “The Line of Destiny” or The Line of Fortune and Luck.”

Many people misunderstand the meaning of the two words “fortune” and “fate” or “luck” and “destiny.” It is convenient in this connection to explain and interpret the meaning of both words.

Fortune or luck is the fair and just reward given to man as payment against his work and action, necessarily, therefore, it should be of the same quality and quantity as the work accomplished whether much or little, good or bad. On this understanding we never find a man sowing good and reaping bad, the reverse always hold good. Also, the upright, honest and hard worker hardly fails in life where the lazy, irresponsible and stupid never succeeds. Proverbs, wise sayings and parables in every language illustrate and confirm this fact. Verily, “The man is the architect of his own fortune.”

In this connection, somebody might raise an argument saying that many upright and good people are doomed to fail in life, why? The answer is “Yes, there are such people”, but on studying or examining the private lives of these people we will find something not properly adjusted in their nature, for instance, they labor in the wrong direction and this never leads to success, or they are something or lack sufficient control over their emotions.

Fate or destiny is altogether a different subject. Anything that happens against man’s calculations or on surprise is called “fate.” This is included in the shape of events and accidents which are beyond the human power to avoid notwithstanding any talent, wisdom or power, death, for instance, or illness or road accidents all fall under the control of fate.

The wide difference between fortune and fate remains in the fact that fortune or luck is a common affair which influences and affects the man’s life as well as others lives. Fate or destiny is a purely personal affair that affects the man’s life life only. For instance, if one man gambles or speculates and acquires a large fortune, that is, luck affecting his pocket as well as the pockets of the losers. On the other  hand, if a man’s wife dies, that is his fate because the result will fall upon his head alone.

The Line of Fate performs the following duties:

(i). It indicates the route destined for every one of us to go through in life according to his talents and environments.

(ii) It shows the various factors that will affect the career for better or worse.

(iii) It shows physical, mental or financial events together with their results.

(iv) It shows the ultimate result of one’s efforts and doings and the gross net value of life.

The Line of Saturn does not appear in all hands, its absence is a sure sign of bitter struggle which in most cases will be of no result as could be confirmed from the dominating mounts and other main lines.

One thing should be borne in mind in every case that the presence of the Line of Saturn in the hand does not, by any mean, indicate an easy happy life or assure success unless other good qualities are also present. Examinations reveal that good straight Lines of Saturn are abundant in the hands of poor, intellectual people, but they are of no importance or consequence.

In order that any good Line, of Fate should be of any value, the Lines of Vitality and Mentality together with the ruling mounts and thumb must be of good quality and similarly strong. Any bad or weak item of those mentioned above is efficient to suppress the energy and action of the Line of Fate which is considered the step brother of these lines, if they are good, it behaves good and vice versa.

The Line of Fate is very sensitive, and for this reason it readily yields and responds to the various factors which govern one’s life and career. For its high sensitiveness, the Line of Fate is very difficult to handle or master except after great patience, hard study and connect practice. Once it is mastered it will be of unlimited help in correct Hand Reading.

Sometimes it happens in soft thin hands that it seems difficult to trace or see the Line of Fate, a gentle squeeze upon both Mounts of Venus and Moon will immediately bring this line to the surface.

Evidence showing the difficulty experienced in studying the Line of Fate is apparent in fixing its starting point. Where every main line starts from one single place, the Line of Fate starts from seven different places, but once it begins, it take its course as a straight line through the palm upwards to the Mount of Saturn where it usually ends.

In very rare cases, the Line of Saturn, after leaving the Line of Heart, turns and ends on the Mount of Jupiter (fig. 2), this means extreme happiness if the other parts of the hand are good which is often the case.

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