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A Guide to Palmistry: Life Line, Chapter XII, Part – 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 4

In certain cases where the Line of Vitality is poor, a Sister Line of Vitality will be seen connected to the Main Line of Vitality (fig. 29). This Sister Line connects the Line of Vitality near its beginning and runs parallel to it through its course. The work of this Sister Line is to add power to the main Line of Vitality and ease its burden.

In this connection, it is remarkable to note that there is another line which runs parallel to the Main Line of Vitality inside the Mount of Venus, but never touches or joins it. This line usually starts from the Mount of Lower Mars or the Mount of Venus and is called “the Line of Mars (fig. 30). The difference between the Line of Mars and Sister Line of Vitality is that the Line of Mars is never connected to the Line of Vitality and does not run the whole course of the Line of Vitality as the Sister Line does.

In a few hands, some difficulty is experienced in distinguishing between the Line of Vitality and the Line of Fate (AB and CD respectively fig. 31), especially when the latter line stops on meeting the Line of Mentality. In order to avoid confusion, the following particular of both Lines of Vitality and Fate should always be borne in mind:

1. The Line of Vitality always starts from one place, i.e., the radial side of the hand where the Line of Mentality begins, the Line of Saturn starts from seven different places as will be explained in the following chapter.

2. The Line of Vitality has always a curved course: the Line of Saturn a straight one.

3. The Line of Vitality runs downward, the Line of Saturn runs upwards.

4. The Line of Vitality ends either on the Plain of Mars or the rascettes, the Line of Saturn normally ends on the Mount of Saturn or in its direction.

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