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A Guide to Palmistry: Line of Mercury, Chapter XV, Part - 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Line of Mercury

Part 2
In case the Line of Mercury is composed of many small lines (fig. 5), it means an unstable condition of general health and bad temperament owing to diseases of the liver or gall bladder. It is also the sign of restlessness and, pessimism.

Almost in all hands where the Line of Mercury exists, it is observed that in all cases, it begins in a good healthy manner and then misbehaves, towards its end after passing the Lines of Mentality or Heart (fig. 6), which means deteriorated health at old age. This phenomenon could be seen in nearly all human bands.

If the Line of Mercury is twisted, or wavy, or full of dots (fig. 7), it means that a chronic disease belonging to the ruling mount will attack the health for a considerable length of time. This is confirmed by other bad signs such as bars or grilles on the Mount of the Lower Mars and the general condition of the Line of Vitality which will contain more than one chain.

A single island on the Line of Mercury appearing nearly in its centre (fig. 8) is an infallible sign of typhoid fever.

Two or more uncompleted island on the Line of Mercury (fig. 9) denote kidney and urinary diseases.

Small parallel lines running along the Line of Mercury near its beginning or centre (fig. 10) denote inflammation or lungs. The shape and condition of the nails will confirm this statement.

If the Line of Mercury is cut through its course by several small horizontal lines (fig. 11), it means that headache will be the principal trouble of health.

If a star appears where the Line of Mercury meets the Line of Mentality (fig. 12), it indicates mental disorder which might develop into insanity if the Line of Mentality misbehaves by shooting branch lines or ray lines towards the Mount of the Moon which in such cases will bear grilles, bars or big crosses.

Just as in the case of the Line of Vitality, when the Line of Mercury meets the Line of Mentality (fig. 13), it cancels the power and duty of the remaining part of the Line of Mentality.

It is very interesting to understand the correct interpretation of the Line of Mercury. It cuts both Lines of Vitality and Mentality at their ends not at their beginnings or centers which mean that it cuts them where old age and weak health are expected.

If an independent cross is seen at any part of the Line of Mercury (fig. 14), it means severe agonies and sufferings from disease in old age.

If the Line of Mercury is composed of several separate small lines (fig. 15) it denotes constipation and other stomach troubles. In such cases horizontal bars will appear on the border of the Mount of Moon.

In case, the Line of Mercury is forked in the Quadrangle and one of its branches touches or runs towards the Line of Heart under the Mount of Sun (fig. 16), it indicates heart trouble at prime of youth.

A thin or shallow Line of Mercury will often exist in triangular hands of soft skin owing to feeble constitution. The Mount of the Lower Mars will be flat or depressed and the Plain of Mars will be similarly flat or hollow which means lack of resisting power, patience and courage.

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