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A Guide to Palmistry: Line of Head, Chapter XI, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Line of Head

Part 4
If this sloping Line of Mentality, during its course towards the Mount of the Moon, cuts the Line of Mercury and ends in the middle of the Mount of Moon (fig. 20) it betrays acute imagination which seeks for trouble and excitement. The general health will be subject to various impairments especially insanity if the Line of Mentality ends in a grille or cross.

If the Line of Mentality ends in several fine lines shooting towards the Mount of Moon, Upper Mars or Mercury (fig. 21), it denotes timidity, hesitation and poor modesty. In such cases, this Line of Mentality is always accompanied by certain bad signs on both Lines of Fate and Sun.

If the Line of Mentality ends in a star, or if a star appears on any of its parts (fig. 22), it denotes unnatural death caused by accident, operation or murder. In such cases, stars, grilles or crosses are seen on the Mount of Saturn or the Line of Fate.

If the Line of Mentality misbehaves towards its end by jumping and cutting through the Line of Heart ending on the Mount of Mercury (fig. 23), it betrays hypocrisy and treachery. It is also the mark of  short evil life.

If the Line of Mentality after passing the Mount of Jupiter, jumps towards the Line of Heart and ends on the Mount of Saturn (fig. 24), it means an impaired mentality which will end by suicide.

It  has been slated that in case the Line of Heart disappears from the hand, the Line of Mentality takes its place and runs in a straight horizontal line through the whole span of the palm (fig. 25), in addition to what has been told about this line in the preceding chapter, such a Line of Mentality denotes an unswerving stubbornness coupled with a greedy nature. It is also an infallible sign of exaggeration and lying.

It is very important in such cases to carefully examine the fingers, nails, texture of skin, colour of hand and the Line of Fate. As this horizontal Line of Mentality often appears in the hands of criminals it is pertinent to state in this connection the signs of the murderer’s hand, it is usually big, stiff with short fingers, the first phalanges usually flex a little towards the palm, the nails are broad and short: the phalange of will-power is very strong and that of logic is very poor and the general colour of the hand is red, hence the term “red-handed criminal.”

Sometimes the straight horizontal Line of Mentality is cut under the Mount of Saturn (fig. 26) in this case it denotes sudden tragic death. Other signs might be seen on the Mount of Saturn and the Line of Fate.

In case the Lines of Mentality and Vitality are joined at the start, and both end on the Plain of Mars at the same level (fig. 27), this indicates a premature death. Other bad signs such as crosses star etc. are seen on the Plain of Mars and the Lines of Mentality and Fate.

If a small single cross is seen in the space separating both Lines of Mentality and Vitality immediately under the Mount of Jupiter (fig. 28), it indicates a serious operation that will affect the general health. If the operation is fatal, bad signs will be seen on the Lines of Mentality, Vitality and Fate, for instance, the Line of Fate will be interrupted and disturbed after leaving the Quadrangle, the Line of Vitality will e poor and broken in its middle and the Line of Mentality will bear a similar small cross under the Mount of Saturn or towards its end.

If the Line of Mentality takes a long straight course looking strong and vigorous, and ends on the Mount of Upper Mars (fig. 29), it indicates a very big mind of a rare quality. This Line of Mentality is extremely generous and merciful. It takes all the burden of the family and friends on its shoulders for a long duration until it suddenly collapses through being attacked with paralysis or epilepsy.

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