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A Guide to Palmistry: Line of Head, Chapter XI, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Line of Head

Part 3
In case the Line of Mentality joins the Line of Vitality at its beginning, then leaving it under the Mount of Jupiter, it gently elopes towards the Plain of Mars or the Mount of Moon, thus increasing the area of the Quadrangle (fig. 11), this denotes a strong imagination. When this Line of Mentality is deep and strong it tells generosity and broad-mindedness.

Whenever the two Lines of Mentality and Vitality are connected at their start, the angle resulting from their separation under Jupiter or Saturn should be carefully measured (fig. 11). The narrower the angle, the harder the luck will be. If this angle is acute (fig. 12) it denotes a hot temper and highly excited sensation and a stagnant mentality. If this angle is very acute and this results when the Line of Mentality misbehaves and slopes towards the Line of Vitality, it means suicide. In this case the Line of Saturn will be badly marked when passing the Quadrangle and other bad signs will appear on the Plain of Mars and Mount of Saturn.

When the Lines of Mentality and Vitality separate at the beginning, the space of separation should be examined, if this space is narrow (fig. 13) and does not exceed 2 mms., it denotes just and fair self-confidence, reliance and moderation, this narrow space is often supported by good marks and mounts especially a good strong thumb and a good Line of Fate.

On the other hand, if this space is wide (fig. 14) it is an infallible sign of pretension, over self-confidence and vanity. Sometimes, this space appears to be very wide (fig. 15), it denotes in these circumstances, a hard nature to please. When the other parts of the hand are weak-which is often the case-the vanity will be so overwhelming that it will lead to self-destruction. Such a wide space is often seen in vain ladies.

When the Line of Mentality is separated from the Line of Vitality at the start, it usually begins within the boundaries of the Mount of Jupiter from one of the following points:-

(a) Either it starts inside the Mount of Jupiter near the radial side of the palm (fig. 16), and in this case it denotes an ambitious nature which is hardly satisfied unless it achieves the best results. People with such a Line of Mentality are usually very brilliant, and from childhood, they show symptoms of supremacy and assume leadership. These are the Jupiteranian people as could be seen from their long Finger of Jupiter. But in order to perform its duties properly, this Line of Mentality should be supported by a strong thumb a powerful Mount of Lower Mars. When this line of Mentality is supported by the aforementioned items, success and progress in life are quite assured. The trouble with this Line of Mentality remains in its efforts to help the other poor or defective parts of the hand such as a poor Mount of Venus and other bad Lines of Influence.

(b) Or starts from any part within the Mount of Jupiter usually from its middle (fig.17), this is an infallible sign of high breeding and good manners coupled with sufficient qualifications. This line always aims at high achievements which are difficult to attain. Like the other Line of Mentality mentioned above, it is impeded by difficulty family surroundings and home troubles as indicated by the numerous Lines of Influence scattered all over the hand especially on the Mount of Venus.

When the Line of Mentality joins the Line of Vitality at the beginning and both lines start at a low position near the thumb (fig. 18), it denotes a poor thinking power and dullness which cannot think for a long period. The Line of Mentality in such cases will be short and shallow.

If the Line of Mentality gently slopes towards the Mount of the Moon where it ends on the percussion (fig. 19), it means carelessness and irresponsibility.

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