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A Guide to Palmistry: Line of Head, Chapter XI, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Line of Head

Part 5
If before its terminus, the Line of Mentality shoots a big branch towards the Mount of Moon (fig. 30), it means a doubtful nature excited by imagination. It also denotes selfishness and lying in order to elude responsibility. Fear of sudden insanity exists if the tine of Mentality looks red or composed of several small lines.

In very rare cases, a sister Line of Mentality is seen running parallel to the main line (fig. 1), this signifies a very difficult nature to understand, sometimes it is genial and pleasant and at other times it is cruel and hateful. The Sister Line of Mentality often increases the powers of the brain and helps doing various jobs to the Main Line of Mentality.

A poor Line of Mentality is often accompanied by a similar Line of Fate and a bad Mount of Jupiter or Sun (fig. 32), this makes success in life very difficult if not impossible. It is often seen, in case the Line of Mentality is strong and long that all remaining main lines look healthy, also both Mounts of Jupiter and Apollo look good. In such circumstances, the thumb should be carefully examined to know whether or not there is the sufficient will-power to carry out the good thoughts of such a line.

Also, in case the Line of Mentality is big and strong, it is very important to note the size of the hand, because there is no benefit gained from a big strong Line of Mentality working in a small hand which in other words means weak constitution and feeble physical power. In such cases the brain is very powerful for the physical mood of the body and when performing its duties, the brain will greatly impair the health. This could be easily verified by examining the Line of Vitality which will be thin and composed of many short lines like a chain (fig. 33).

On the other hand, in case, a small Line of Mentality is seen in a big large hand, it indicates stupidity and childish character. Success in life in this latter case is not possible. Such a short Line of Mentality in the big hand also indicates a brutal and sexual nature.

The shape of the hand also has to do greatly with the form and type of the Line of Mentality. Almost all triangular hands with conic finger-tips have a sloping Line of Mentality. In case a straight Line of Mentality is found in a triangular hand, it betrays a restless nature exhausted between combating the mental and spiritual side of life against the practical and material one. The size of the thumb in these cases will determine the winning side.

On the other hand, the square-shaped hands usually have straight Lines of Mentality which correspond to their vitality and strength, in case, however, they have sloping or curving Lines of Mentality, the size and shape of the thumb, as in the former case, will decide which side will be the winner. Examination of both the Upper and Lower Mounts of Mars will help the student to come to correct conclusions.

The Quadrangle
When examining the Line of Mentality, it is very important to examine the Quadrangle also, i.e., the space lying between the two courses of both Lines of Heart and Mentality (fig. 34). All lines running through this area should also be examined especially those coming from the Mount of Venus.

In case the reasoning power is more stable and powerful than the imagination, the Quadrangle will be wider where the Line of Mentality begins and narrower where it ends (fig. 35). The opposite hold good.

In some cases the whole area of the Quadrangle appears to be very narrow (fig. 36), this is an infallible sign of stubbornness and narrow-mindedness. In case the fingers are hard and tapering with conic or pointed finger-tips, the narrow Quadrangle is an infallible sign of hereditary diabetes.

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