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A Guide to Palmistry: Line of Head, Chapter XI, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Line of Head

Part 2
The importance of its starting point remains in the fact that it at once shows the quality of the mentality and its aim and how much it will realize or achieve or otherwise. The finishing point indicates the ultimate result of the mind and the thinking power and its grade or extension, and its increase or decrease according to the quantity and quality of the brain and the influence of surrounding circumstances.

The remaining parts of the line of Mentality contained between these two points indicate the different behaviors of the line and the trend of thought and action in turn during the various ages or parts tell whether the road has been easy with subsequent effects upon the career after changes of surroundings; also these parts tell whether the road has been easy and smooth or hard and difficult together.

The Line of Mentality always starts on the radial side of the palm between the Mount of Jupiter and the Line of Vitality; it takes its course through the pan of the palm until it ends on the Plain of Mars, or the Mount of the Upper Mars or on the Mount of the Moon. In one single instance, however, it ends on the Mount of Mercury when it takes its course as a straight horizontal line as will be shown later with subsequent effect together.

The Line of Mentality usually join the Line of Vitality at its beginning and after running with that line for a small distance it leaves it under the Mount of Jupiter or Saturn and resumes its own course. In the first instance when it leaves the Line of Vitality under the Mount of Jupiter (fig. 4), it indicates sufficient self-confidence coupled with adequate intelligence and self-dependence. It also denotes an honest – policy followed in all dealings. The individual will be fair and just. In the second case when the Line of Mentality leaves the Line of Vitality under the Mount of Saturn (fig. 5), it shows negligence especially in one’s own rights, carelessness and misery. Almost in all cases where the Line of Mentality joins the Line of Vitality at the beginning, the Mount of the Upper Mars will look poor, while that of the Lower Mars good and vigorous. In case the Line of Mentality leaves the Line of Vitality under the Mount of Saturn, this line will be short and sloping, an infallible sign of stupidity and narrow-mindedness and laziness. Also in such cases when the Line of Mentality leaves the Line of Vitality under Saturn and both lines are short and poor, there will be fear of sudden death (fig. 6).

Sometimes, the space of connection of these two lines contains many tiny crosses (fig. 7); this denotes unpleasant childhood where family troubles were abundant.

When the Line of Mentality starts from the Mount of Lower Mars beneath the Line of Vitality (AB fig. 8) it denotes on tyranny and oppression. In such cases other bad signs will appear in the hand such as small crosses on the Plain of Mars. Usually such awkward mentality brings troubles and misfortune as seen through the misbehavior of the Line of Fate and the depression of the Plain of Mars.

In case, both the Lines of Mentality and Vitality separate at their commencement, and the first line be shorter than the latter (AB and CD respectively fig. 9), this shows arrogance, vanity and blind jealousy. The space of separation will be usually wide. It also betrays an uncultured personality.

Shooting auxiliary lines descending from the Line of Mentality towards the Line of Vitality at their commencement when they are separated (fig. 10), these lines denote hesitation and unstable character and timidity.

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