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A Guide to Palmistry: Line of Head, Chapter XI, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Line of Head

Part 1

This line (AB fig. 1) is the most important part of the hand. It should be thoroughly and accurately known as it is the keynote to the proper and correct Hand Reading.

Up to the present, all books on Palmistry whether written in English, Hindi or any other language, call this line “The Line of Head” or Sar Rekha in spite of the fact that there is not the remotest connection between this line and the head organ.

It is believed that this line directly deals with the reasoning power and mentality. It is obvious that there are big heads without sufficient quantity or quality of proper brains, and there are small heads that are all brains and intelligence. This line whether long, short, weak, strong, etc., signifies the quality and quantity of the mental powers which control every action and movement.

Unlike the Line of Heart, the Line of Mentality does not give any clue to the head’s damage or impairment; moreover any bad sign on the Line of Mentality has nothing to do with the head organ.

For this reason, it is tried to give this line it’s proper and adequate name that corresponds with its functioning, and calls it the Line of Mentality.

Without the Line of Mentality, the hand has no value, its presence, therefore, is vital in every hand. It maintains the balance between the main lines and die covering mounts. No line, mount or sign has any influence without the support of the Line of Mentality. It is the mark of intelligence or stupidity; it moulds the character and temperament and adjusts their action in accordance with the traits of the ruling mounts.

Whenever in doubt, the student must consult the Line of Mentality; it always leads to the final decision.

Situated in the middle of the palm, the Line of Mentality divides the palm into two sections: the upper section or the mental or moral or spiritual, and the lower section or the practical, physical or material.

In case the Line of Mentality takes a curved course (AB fig. 2), the upper section of the palm will be the greater part, and this denotes that the mental or moral pursuits and vocations are the more appropriate and preferable to the individual. Consequently, in order to ensure successful career, it will be better for the individual to direct his talents and energies to the mental or more pursuits. On the other band, if the Line of Mentality takes a straight course (fig. 3), it means that the material or practical side of life is far better for the individual than the moral  or spiritual side.

There is no use of any strong mount in case the Line of Mentality looks poor or weak, but when the Line of Mentality is good and strong, and the governing mediate are weak, this Line of Mentality will do its utmost to strengthen and help them.

Usually the Line of Mentality performs its duty independently, irrespective of the condition and mood of the other main lines or ruling mounts. It is the only part of the hand that can host an independent and separate influence. It is so sensitive that it is easily affected with the past and future events.

As the Line of Mentality lies in the middle of the hand between the Lines of Heart and Vitality, incidentally on examining the h and, it will be the first one that will draw the attention of the reader. From beginning to end every part of this line must be carefully and accurately examined, it will help to interpret and solve any difficult or suspicious sign or line. Every important event in man’s life is reported and recorded on the Line of Mentality.

The most important parts of this line are its starting and finishing points. This does not mean that its remaining parts are to be neglected, not at all; the behavior and development of the whole line from beginning to end should be thoroughly inspected.

Shanker Adawal

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