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A Guide to Palmistry: The Lines of Heart, Chapter X, Part – 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Line of Heart

Part 6

The next variation of the line is the Broad and Shallow; this will disclose a measure of physical weakness of the heart, and as a necessary consequence the affections will correspond. There will be a good deal of fickleness in the affections, for such subjects easily fall in love and as easily fall out again. They are not always off with the old love before they are on with the new, for they are incapable of a deep and lasting affection. If all the lines in the native’s hands are of the same type, then be sure that in all things he is the same, vacillating and unreliable.

Next we have the Chained formation of the Heart line. With this formation, if the Mount of Venus is large, the native is uncertain and variable in his affections-in a world a flirt. The heart’s action, too, is irregular, its general condition is poor; it indicates, especially if there is an Apollonian strain in the native, a tendency to heart trouble, if not actual disease of the organ. For this the Life line must be noted at the same age, and if a Star is seen on the Life line at the age, the worst may be expected. You will also require noting whether the other5 lines are also chained; if so, the defect is general.

Bear in mind that these thick, thin, broad and shallow, or chained qualities of the line only apply during the period they are seen on the line; at any change in the character of the line, the native will change. All such changes will result in a like change in the native, and from these, the age at which they occur and their duration, they will form by themselves on interesting reading. But always remember that colour operates strongly on the Heart line, as well as any defects found on the line, as these latter have a direct bearing on either the affections or the health.

Split lines may either rise from the Mount or fall towards the Head line. The upward Split line usually rises to one or the other of the Mounts, and if not a health defect, it will tell of the influence of the Mount qualities attracting the native, or that some person of the Mount type has proved interesting.

As a rule, the downward Split lines tell of a conflict between the Head and the Heart, and usually indicate disappointment or love sorrows.

Islands are always defects, and indicate a weak physical action of the heart. The size of the Island will show its seriousness.

Cross-bars cutting the line tell of constant heart irritations, either of illness, or more probably worries in the affections. If these Cross-bars cut the line in many places, it shows the trouble to be a continuous one during the period in which they appear.

Dots on this line have been found to be, as a rule, defects of the health, and their size will indicate their gravity. When one notice the them, make it a practice to look closely for indications of heart disease, and of course the larger and deeper the Dot the more serious the trouble.

Stars on the Heart line will indicate illness or trouble in the affections. If illness, it will be heart disease, but if the Star is under Mount Saturn, rheumatism may be added. If the Star is large, well-formed, and its centre is on the Line, sudden heart failure is indicated at the age on which the Star is seen on the line.

It is very important in all cases where the Line of Heart disappears to fix and recognize the dominating mounts. In 80 per cent of cases, the ruling mounts will be either Saturn and Mercury or Saturn and Mars or Venus and Mars. Most ruthless criminals and murderers of short stature and narrow eyes have not any Line of Heart and the Line of Mentality always appears in their hands a long straight horizontal line. This type of criminals could be easily detected from its awkward crocked short fingers of Saturn and Mercury, its bulging mount of Mars, its short and broad nails, its powerful phalange of will power and deficient logic. Both Lines of Fate and Sun will misbehave.

In very rare cases the Line of Heart disappears from the hands of ladies, perhaps it disappears once in 500,000 cases. Its absence from any lady’s hand denotes one of two things: it either tells unlimited misery and misfortune, or supreme happiness and luck, and nothing in between.

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