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A Guide to Palmistry: Life Line, Chapter XII, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Life Line

Part 3
If towards its end, the Line of Vitality is divided into two or more branches one of them pointing to the Mount of Moon, and the other towards the base of the palm (fig. 18), it means a miserable like at foreign lands in old age, the kind of trouble, whether mental, physical or financial, will appear on the appropriate main lines and mounts.

If an auxiliary line runs parallel to the Line of Vitality outside the Mount of Venus A (fig. 19), and that parallel line ends in a cross or a star, it denotes a violent death. Similar lines will be seen on the Quadrangle, the Line of Fate and the Mount of Saturn.

Horizontal lines running from the Mount of Venus and cutting through the three Lines of Vitality, Mentality and Fate (fig. 20) denote home troubles. In certain cases these lines are developed into large islands which mean grave troubles and death of some members of the family (fig. 21).

A thin fine line running from the Mount of Venus and cutting through the Lines of Vitality and Mentality and ending on the Mount of Saturn (fig. 22) indicates unhappy marriage that will end by the other mate’s death or sudden madness.

If two lines of Influence, one starting from the Line of Vitality on the borders of the Mount of Lower Mars, and the other starting from the Mount of Venus and both lines of Influence shoot upwards to the Mount of Jupiter (fig. 23), these two lines denote that the ambitions and desires will be fulfilled at the expense of the health, and there will be no great hope for enjoying the benefit for a long time.

If one or both lines mentioned above be intersected by a horizontal line coming from the Mount of Venus, it denotes that the ambitions will be lost through family interference or hard circumstances.

Sometimes the Line of Vitality misbehaves and runs in a zigzag course (fig. 24); in this case it denotes misdemeanor, bad temper and feeble character which easily yield to temptation. The reason for all these defects is a defeated health as indicated by this misbehaving Line of Vitality. Signs of weak willpower, hesitation and lack of concentration will appear on the thumb and Line of Mentality.

If the Line of Vitality after starting misbehaves and forms a convex course (fig. 25), it means sudden death through an accident.

If the Line of Vitality ends in a hook or in branches ending in hooks pointing towards the Mount of Venus (fig. 26), it means death by murder owing to bad conduct. In such cases the fine of Fate will always be bad and interrupted or cut in different parts and running zigzag. Both Lines of Vitality and Fate will be thin and faint in colour.

The chances and opportunities available for any one of us in life, are seen in the short lines ascending from the Line of Vitality along its course and shooting upwards at different intervals (AB, CD, EF fig. 27). As some of us have different number of chances and others have none at all, it is the same with these short lines, they differ in every hand, sometimes they are one or two only, and sometimes they are seven or more. In cases where there are no chance lines in the hand, the means of living will be difficult. The behaviour of the Line of Fate together with the fiat mounts will affirm this. In such instances, man has to make his own chances and create them from his environments and surroundings. Success and happiness in such cases is very difficult.

When examining the chance lines, it is very important to note in the mean time both Lines of Mentality and Saturn for any signs that will tell whether or not these chances will be seized and utilized. The phalange of willpower is also important to note.

Almost in all hands where the chance lines are seen, it is noticed that they cease to appear in all hands at the same place  on the Line of Vitality. It is also noted that the remaining part of the Line of Vitality near its end behaves badly by shooting downward lines, also the line of Mercury looks bad at its end (fig. 28), this denotes the ultimate limit which man is destined to reach through all his life, after that he either maintains his standard at which the chances stopped or goes downwards and conditions are degraded. Both Lines of Vitality and Mercury by their misbehavior at their ends show clearly that no chances are left for any improvement and the burden of life will be troublesome owing to bad health and old age.

In all cases where the Line of Vitality is poor, weak or interrupted, the Line of Mercury contains some bad marks such as islands or breaks. On the other hand, when the Line of Vitality is strong and healthy, the Line of Mercury as well will be strong and extend from the base of the palm up to the Mount of Mercury without any interruption or break.

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