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A Guide to Palmistry: Thumb and its Secret, Chapter V, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3

A big phalange of will-power accompanied by a similar one of logic and an elastic texture of hand, indicates a good faculty for organization and originality. The thinking power, in such cases, will be backed by a strong will-power which never confesses defeat. It also denotes a high degree of common sense and justice supported by accurate decision. This kind of thumb is often seen in the hands of rulers, leaders and administrators.

While the size of the thumb gives the quality of will-power and logic, its length gives their quantity. In case the two phalanges are of equal length, the larger in size will have the upper hand.

Another type of thumb is that in which the phalange of will-power appears to be big, circular and clumsy with remarkably short nail. It is called the clubbed thumb (fig. 5). The tip of the thumb resembles a knob. This thumb indicates an exceedingly violent temper. The subject will throw away his life on the slightest provocation, and once it is vexed it will carry out any action in hand regardless of consequences. It is relentless, cruel and unforgiving.

This type of thumb (Fig. 6) is rarely seen, and it is of considerable importance in Palmistry. In case it is seen in a hard tough hand with short fingers and broad red nails, it is an infallible sign of criminality. The owner of the thumb commits the vilest crime without a wink.

If the clubbed thumb is found in a fine hand with supple fingers and pink nails, it’s bad qualities would be minimized and checked through the long phalange of logic.

In order to know the native’s tendency to murder and as the thumb plays the most important part in this connection as its size and shape help in knowing whether or not the subject can put his plans into action, it would be suitable to mention here the signs of the murderer’s hand. They are as follows:

Hard stiff hand short tough fingers, red broad nails, speculate or square finger-tips, clubbed thumb, overgrown mounts of Mars and Venus, absent or short Line of Heart, a similar Line of Mentality and an absent or interrupted Line of Fate.

The clubbed thumb belongs to the male sex only and is very rarely seen in a woman’s hand; in case it is found in a lady’s hand, it indicates an inherited brutal nature of some sort. If the thumb in such circumstances is supported by other bad signs, it will decidedly denote that such a lady will not hesitate to commit any act of violence.

Sometimes, the two phalanges of the thumb look to be flat which denotes a high degree of sensitiveness as verified by the pads shown on the finger-tips. In such cases, the subject cannot stand arguments, soon loses his fighting ground and capitulates to his opponent.

A very short phalange (Fig. 7) of logic with a long phalange of will-power denotes empty arguments embodied in harsh and bad words. Such arguments are often based upon stickling and bad temper and end in blows. Another kind of thumb is the waist-shaped thumb which is a favorable sign of faithfulness, skill and energy. The most remarkable quality of this thumb is that it stands by the right and defends it in spite of all circumstances and results.

An elastic thumb (Fig. 8) is that which bends backwards when gently squeezed. In such eases it is important to note the difference between the low-set thumb and the elastic one; the latter needs not to be low-settled. A powerful elastic thumb regardless of its site denotes independence of thought and action. A feeble elastic thumb indicates imagination, hesitation and lack of energy and self-confidence.

On the other hand, a stiff thumb (Fig. 9) which flexes towards the palm means lack of sympathy and fine feeling. It is the sign of reservation and classic habits. It does not care for big things and often seeks for cheap living as it takes account of every cent.

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