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A Guide to Palmistry: Thumb and its Secret, Chapter V, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

A thorough study of these two phalanges is very important in order to understand the big role assigned for the thumb to play in every man’s life. It is the balance of character, career and destiny. Magnificent talents supported by ample intelligence and brilliance have been wasted for need of good will-power and determination to utilize them.

The duty of the thumb, besides indicating the quality and quantity of will-power and reason owned by man, further tells the way adopted to display these traits.

According to its shape, size and length, every phalange of the thumb is of two kinds:

(1) There is the will-power based on facts and real determination as shown by the big broad phalange of will-power (fig. 36), and

(2) The will-power based on stubbornness, obstinacy and imagination as shown by the long narrow phalange of will-power (fig. 37).

There are also two kinds of reasoning or logic:

(1) The sound reasoning based on right and straightforward thinking, good argument and accurate judgment as shown by the big broad phalange of logic (fig. 38), and

(2) The twisted reason based on audacity, blind thinking and stickling as indicated by a short narrow phalange of logic (fig. 39).

The method adopted in distinguishing between the two phalanges of the thumb, is to flex the thumb towards the palm and look at it from the back of the hand is the phalange of will-power and BC, is the phalange of logic.

In the human face it is observed that the phalange of logic is stronger or bigger than that of the will-power; this explains the reason why the majority are mere thinkers without determination or fixed purpose; hence the cause of many failures in life.

If the phalange of will-power is longer and bigger than the phalange of logic, the executive powers will be dominant; this results in the subject carrying out his actions before due thinking and he may be liable to commit errors. This also shows that the will-power is so great that it can get in various directions.

In order to have a good thumb, both phalanges should be of equal length and strength in case the phalange of logic is the stronger and longer the native will be doubtful and hesitating. He will think about his plans many good time that doubt will sooner or later find a leakage through his thoughts and mind, and at the end he will be satisfied by deferring action till he loses his chances, or he may hand over his plans to other persons of more executive will-power.

Sometimes, the thumb adheres to the palm and naturally renders the space between itself and the Finger of Jupiter very narrow and an acute angle is formed. This denotes selfishness, brutality and meanness of thought and feeling.

The medium thumb (fig. 3) is that which when brought close to the Finger of Jupiter, will reach the middle of the third phalange; this denotes good reasoning, faithfulness and moderation.

The shape and size of the thumb are very important to note. There is a type of thumb which looks’ like a piece of conic flesh (fig. 4) and it will be difficult to distinguish between its two phalanges as it is almost boneless. This thumb is an indicator of narrow-mindedness and vague thought which is purely imaginative. The subject will insist on realizing his imaginations through non-sensical methods. He is always lazy, extremely superstitious and dependent on others.

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