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A Guide to Palmistry: Thumb and its Secret, Chapter V, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

The human being is the only creature whose thumb is located in such a position as to render it most serviceable and adaptable.

The action of the thumb results from its length; from the first metacarpal bone not being placed on the same plane as the other four fingers and from the action of the long flexor of the thumb, peculiar to the human hand.

The thumb of the ape or monkey differs in structure, size and site from that of the man. The thumb of the monkey is situated rather at a high position; rendering the space between itself and the first finger to be narrow. This narrowness is an infallible sign of greediness, selfishness and narrow-mindedness when found in human beings.

Also, the idiot’s thumb is located at a high place on the radial side of the hand. The quality and quantity of the idiot’s mentality is generally of low specimen. Such a thumb is called “high-set thumb.”

From the above, it is concluded that the higher the location of the thumb is, the lesser the mentality will be. On the other hand, the wider the space, or the lower the site of the thumb is, the higher will be the mentality. This thumb is called low-set thumb.

The thumb can also be big which denotes strong character, determination and good will-power. The big thumb enables the man to face trouble and other hardships of life. In these instances, the energy of will be the central power of character, whether it pushes its owner to good or bad is another thing which could be easily known from the behavior of the mounts and main lines in his hand.

A male with a big thumb usually makes his own purposes definite, rules his plans and carries them out unhesitatingly. The big thumb is the element of firmness and resolution; once it makes up its mind, it is final, and something it must do.

A small or deficient thumb (fig. 1) is the sign of hesitation and temptation. The individual will lack will-power and fear respo9nsibility; 95% of ladies have small thumb; that is why they lack resolution and could be easily tempted.

Every day we find mighty intellects who are lost for lack of energy and determination-men who are well informed in intellect, but utterly deformed in character and will-power; they have no strength of purpose, and thus pass into oblivion even if they shine for a while. These are men with small thumbs.

The small thumb lacks argument and sees matters from a personal point of view. It is often ruled by sentiments. It feels lather than thinks. The bad qualities of the small thumb easily take hold of the individual and develop them’ selves into established defects and bad habits which will be impossible to overcome or improve especially if the texture of the skin of the hands is hard. They can-not be conquered because there is not sufficient will-power to detain or fight them.

The thumb is composed of two phalanges only: the first phalange (AB fig. 2) which is the indicator of will-power, determination, perseverance and firmness, and the second phalange (CD fig. 1) which is the sign for wisdom, foresight, sobriety, judgment and reasoning. The first phalange is usually called the phalange of will-power while the second phalange is called the phalange of logic.


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