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A Guide to Palmistry: Fingers and Finger Tips, Chapter III, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Knots Part (2)

If the long finger is Smooth, it will not take them so long to grasp ideas; but if Knotty it will mean an added love of minute detail and analysis-patient plodders always. In music they are successful from carefulness and close observation of the score; in conversation they are apt to be prolix and tedious, in literature exact. In art, their pictures will show every detail of their subject. In home life they study comfort and are thoughtful, watchful and careful.

They have their failings, amongst them being slowness and tediousness; often they are bores and frequently selfish. Their fingers and short critical nails will accentuate this, and the owners may be considered selfish, particularly if either the Mounts of Venus or Sun is undeveloped.

Long fingers are cold-blooded, unsympathetic, and are by no means ready to grant favours nor are they always true to the affections. If long and thin, they are suspicious and resentful; those of the thick long fingers will be truer.

The Tips must be considered when studying long fingers. If Spatulate, activity and originality will move them and amongst such will be found inventors and explorers; the qualities of the spatulate tips must be added to the sense of detail, and this combination constitutes the best indication of originality. The Square tip is too much under the control of routine and custom to be original. If the tips are Conic, long fingers will turn to art and love of the beautiful, and the Conic qualities must be added to them.

The long fingers will be found in all walks of life, the ignorant and the educated; in dealing with them, it must be remembered that though they do not stand for the same degree of fineness, they tell of detail. These long fingers do the finer mechanical work, and often belong to delicate engravers.

The next type to be considered will be the Short fingers. These are found among all classes and in both sexes. Short fingers will scarcely reach to the centre of the Mount of Venus, but they may vary in degree of shortness according to the length of the palm. The shorter they are the more pronounced are their qualities.

The qualities of Short fingers are the reverse of Long ones. They think quickly, and if very short, like a flash, and act accordingly. They are highly intuitive, and quickly judge whether you are telling the truth or not. No question of analysis or detail troubles them. Things as a whole are what they deal with. They are impulsive and act on the spur of the moment; they run the risk of making mistakes through jumping to conclusions. Hot-headed, and once started, they push diligently their enterprises.

Short-fingered people are only satisfied when doing big things-they build huge buildings and bridges, plan gigantic enterprises, lead armies, control large concerns, but leave details to long-fingers. They are as a rule quick-witted and very concise in their expressions, and have the faculty of saying much in little.

The Pointed tip giving ideality, fervor, impression-ability and indifference, is an element of danger to them, as it increases their impulsiveness and leads to excess. Conic tips are not quite so dangerous, but they emphasise the qualities.

Square tips decrease impressionability and lessen impetuosity. Spatulate tips add activity and originality, and are not as good for Short fingers as Square tips. Flexibility of the hand adds elasticity of mind, and increases the Short-fingered qualities; giving as it does greater keenness and versatility, it is not a good accompaniment.

Flabby consistency will make them lazy, toning down the qualities; thus whilst they think quickly they will be slower to act. Soft hands will make them more active than flabby ones, but not intensely so. Elastic consistency will call out the full force of the Short-fingered qualities, and will not be so bad an addition. Hard hands will tend to push the qualities too far.

Knotty joints reduce the quality of the quick thought and are therefore an excellent adjunct. If only the first joint is developed, the quickness of thought will be tempered by mental order and arrangement. If only the second Knot is developed, there will not be so much carelessness in the surroundings.

The character of the Thumb is important, for giving the determination of the large Thumb to the strong qualities of Short fingers; but if such determination is not of the right kind, the combination will be bad. The Clubbed Thumb would add brutal obstinacy and drive the qualities to the utmost limit. A Flat nervous thumb will add nervous excitement. A well-balanced thumb is required to operate on Short fingers.

The Short-fingers affect the Mounts; the ambition, pride, religion and honour of Jupiter will have quick thought and impulse behind them. Saturn will be less somber, slow, mean and superstitious; Sun will be more brilliant; Mercury will be rapid whether as orator, business or professional man-or thief; Mars will need help to keep Short-fingered impetuosity from hazardous enterprises; Moon will be less selfish and dreamy, while Venus will have the added fire of quick thought and impulse.

The Individual phalanges must be noted to see in which world the qualities will operate; the probable outcome can then be estimated by noting whether ambition is behind them as a driving force, or whether the aggression of Mars affects them.

Above all, note the Head Line, as to whether it is strong, clear and straight, whether drooping to Moon, or if showing defects. A good clear Head line is best calculated to bring Short-fingered qualities to perfection.

They need Square tips, elastic consistency, a good thumb, a straight, clear Head Line, and then they are capable of almost any achievement. With pointed or conic tips, hard hands, coarse or nervous thumbs, and a poor Head Line, the result can only be utter failure.

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