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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

(ix) Bad Sun and Bad Moon:

People destined to be influenced by this combination are particularly dirty in manners and appearance. They are naturally afraid of water and very rarely take a bath; they do not care about sanitary performances they have a disgustful repugnant odor which adheres to their homes and clothes and easily betrays their presence. Being mentally and physically cowards they are apt to tell lies in order to elude responsibility. This type is a great pretender especially in matters of fine arts. He finds great satisfaction in wrongly criticizing the work of great artists.

He is also clever in creating, now and then, meaningless words or phrases which he always uses for everybody’s bewilderment. It is strange enough to state that these empty words or phrases often find good hearers who spread them by turn. He is always restless and prefers obscure places to bright ones. In childhood he has an overwhelming wish to smear and spoil the doors and furniture by drawing upon them circles or animals. He is often born with poor eyesight and remains as such all his life. He usually begins his day with cries and ends it with same. He is very sensitive and expresses great fear at surprise motions or sounds.

On growing up, this type leaves his homeland for other countries where he is followed by failure and misfortune. While being very afraid of water, this type often ends his miserable life by drowning himself.

(x) Good Sun and Good Venus:

Ladies more often than men are governed by this type. They are brilliant, merciful, beautiful and delicate in taste and manners. They are endowed with clear perception of mind and heart. They respect their word and are faithful to their promises.

They spend their time and money in eliminating the sufferings of the neglect and destitute classes. Being born with an artistic literary talent, they encourage poor artists and facilitate to them every means of success and progress on their expenses if need be.

This type often takes singing, dancing, writing or acting as vocation. They are upright in their dealings and like to maintain their dignity and self respect. Being jealous, this type finds great difficulty in suppressing his feelings aroused by jealousy in face of his prestige.

(xi) Good Sun and Bad Venus:

The bad Venus being irresponsible, negligent and arrogant, it often puts the poor Sun into scraps of serious inconvenience.

This type being not sure of himself, he falls in the bad habit of leaving his affairs to be managed by others.

The good talents of Sun are wasted through bad Venus’s laziness, misdemeanor and viciousness. All  his works are left half done to be completed by others who gain all praise. In rare cases where this type is obliged to finish any work, it will bear the mark of vulgarity by bad Venus.

(xii) Bad Sun and Bad Venus:

This type since childhood fall victim to many diseases and grows up feeble in mind and body. His bad health often affects his temperament and behaviour and makes both rude and vulgar. His humble looks and constant rubbing of his hands betray his poor weak soul filled with hypocrisy which he often uses to achieve his ends.

A very bad thing for any girl is to be governed by this type. She likes praise and flirtation; and being careless and negligent, she could be easily insinuated to go wrong.

This type is also very ungrateful; he keeps his friends as long as they are of any use to him; once they fail him, he will be changed to bitter enemy forgetting all what they have done for him.

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