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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 12

Dr. Shanker Adawal

(D) Mercury and Other Mounts

(i) Good Mercury and Good Mars:

This type is very cautious and observant. The agility and activity of both mind and body of good Mercury are supported by the vigour and decisiveness of good Mars; and these elements are the solid foundations upon which self made men build their careers. They usually begin at the lowest rung of the ladder, fighting and overcoming every hardship till they reach the top. They take great care of everything and walk through life with their eyes wide open; nothing can miss them and everything has its value for them. It is the cleverest type in seizing chances and utilizing them to their full extent He believes that the universe is governed by such an excellent organized system that every person has his proper place which he deserves owing to his own merits; thus no person has the right to grumble or sneer at his luck. He likes everybody to be strong and determined like himself; he despises feebleness of soul and believes and encourages the survival of the fittest, and declares that the world is not made for the weak or sick.

This type likes to eat a good deal, but rarely has an appetite to strong liquors. He likes to crack jokes and tell his life story to his friends and relatives.

(ii) Good Mercury and Bad Mars:

The good Mercury is influenced by the bad Mars’s disagreeable and inhuman character. This type is very greedy and likes to obtain what it wants by force if other means fail. He prefers to deal in stolen articles and goods. He raises a sham auction to dispose of these stolen goods, and displays considerable skill in swindling buyers. Any complaint will be met on his side by threats and blows.

People who sell or mortgage lands and properties other than their causing trouble and inconvenience to all concerned, are controlled by this bad type of mounts.

Charlatans and quacks who stand round the corner of the street shouting out their native descriptions which cure every disease are also governed by this type.

(iii) Bad Mercury and Bad Mars:

This is the most abominable character of all and comes next to the bad Saturnine Mercury. Being injurious by instinct, this type has nothing to do but to plan harm and inconvenience to people without any reason. He causes a lot of trouble where he is found.

He is always in need of money and asks for it in a blunt impertinent, way threatening and shouting all the time.

Mercenary murderers fall under the influence of this type which is considered a big source of fear to his neighbours. Being of a stout adamant heart, he can defy the devil himself caring naught for, either his life or of others. He is very cunning and treacherous and adopts one the same way in killing his victims. He prefers cold steel and despatches his victims while they are unaware.

(iv) Good Mercury and Good Moon:

The good Mercury urges the lazy Moon and makes him more energetic and active. This type is very clever in utilizing his talents to gain great sums of money through mental and cultural pursuits. He makes the best writer and teacher and is considered an expert in his trade. The Moon, however, insists on maintaining his love for quietude and calmness; for this reason this type often pursues his studies and activities in the country near river banks. He is fond of displaying his talents on every occasion and expects everyone to praise him.

This type usually achieves international fame by studying and solving universal problems of great moment.

Both men and women governed by this type are never happy at their homes especially when they get married, as they more often choose the wrong mate.

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