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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal

(v) Good Sun and Bad Mars:

This type is very suspicious and jealous. The bad elements of Mars conquer the delicate and refined taste of the good Sun and let him be vulgar; also the calm and good, temperament of the good Sunnian develops into hasty and easily excited character; his politeness is replaced by impertinence and his integrity by debauchery.

He is fond of wearing gaudy dress and moving in bad circles. The loud, laughable, witty short stories of the good Sunnian will be translated into vulgar disagreeable foul ones. He will be fond of liquors and when getting drunk, this type becomes disagreeable, rude and quarrelsome. He is very fond of drinking and eating provided that someone else pays for ir.

(vi) Bad Sun and Bad Mars:

An absurd mind, a malignant heart and foul spirit express the motives and conditions under which this type lives and moves. While young, he squanders his money on gambling and drugs until he is rendered quite broke, then he begins to live a scandalous life by the strength of his arms. Both men and women governed by this vicious type have irritating sex desires. They are very rude and daring and stop at nothing t satisfy their whims.

In childhood, this type goes astray, absents him from home some days and then comes back dirty and shabby. When asked about his absence, he creates false stories and accuses some relatives of stealing him or hiding him and creates trouble among the whole members of the family. Also he likes to play with matches and other inflammable materials and causes firer and disaster at home.

He always asks for money, and if not given what he wants he steals it; if there is nothing to steal from home, he gets tired of life and burns himself in face of his parents. He usually resorts to suicide when every other attempt fails; he first threatens his parents and then beats them to yield to his wishes until they and he are quite exhausted, then  he commits suicide.

(vii) Good Sun and Good Moon:

This type has the highest standard of morals. The timidity, selfishness and restlessness of the good Moon are replaced by the sociability and popularity of the good Sun. He is always contented with his circumstances and what he has in hand. This combination worships the ideal; and he is the founder of the theories of ethics, philosophy, metaphysics and other difficult pursuits.

He is peace loving and peacemaker, and never resorts to violence or force even to defend himself or his rights. No sacrifice is great as long as it brings calmness and peace for him. His chastity and integrity are unrivalled, and he is the only type that can boast of living a true clean life guided by a clear conscience.

At home, he leaves everything to the wife; even his clothes are left for her choice. He considers himself as any other member of the family caring only for his studies and work which he pursues in peace. The wife of such type should be extremely efficient in the proper handling of the family affairs especially bringing up babies. In case the wife fails to control the home, the life of this type will be very unhappy, he will be attacked by every member, the wife first, and bear all the blame.

Under hard circumstances this type will be unable to continue his pursuits; he is totally deprived of the power of resistance; the slightest obstacle is exaggerated through the Moon’s imagination and consequently he abandons his work.

He is often seen vaguely engaged and can hardly keep any promise. Knowing his weak point, he remedies it by apologies and smiles.

(viii) Good Sun and Bad Moon:

This type is the greatest model for self deceit. He wastes his time in futile arguments knowing all the time that he is wrong. He is very fond of fanciful unnatural studies, and spends his money buying books dealing with spirits, goblins and the like. He readily believes the slightest information about these things and sacrifices anything to attain results himself.

The best quality of this type remains in the great care which takes about his health and body; he always looks fit and sound.

The morbid imagination of the bad Moon stands against the good attention of Sun; consequently, this type never attains and high standard of social life except being Spirit Master or something like that.

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