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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

(ix) Bad Saturn and Bad Mars:

He is a born criminal and gangster. His very thoughts are studded with vice and evil, and he is very cruel and revengeful. The development of the sense of pity, self respect and moral sense in general is wanting. He never resorts to legal or reasonable procedure to settle his accounts. He must take full revenge with his own hands. There is certain lawlessness in his blood that makes him intolerant of rules and decrees. He is shabby and repulsive. In childhood he receives little schooling, if any, but a great deal of bad character and example.

This type never takes anyone into his confidence. His intakes his own plans and carries, them out himself, shouldering every responsibility. Usually he tries his hideous evils first on his near relations and then applies them to strangers.

(x) Good Saturn and Good Moon:

Distinguished philosophers of facts who are admirably profound in their wisdom are ruled by these mounts. Although their views and theories are tainted with sorrow or melancholy, yet they are extremely true and right as being based upon intensive study and investigation. This type is much revered for its integrity of character and literary temperament. It believes in occultism and other similar studies which it takes as matters worthy of high intellect to probe and investigate.

The timidity of the Moon and the deservedness of Saturn interfere in their works. Before saying anything they take sufficient precautions to ensure its acceptance. Although this good type lives for a ripe age yet its literal or philosophic product is very little when compared with long life. This product is of the highest and finest quality.

(xi) Good Saturn and Bad Moon:

This combination exaggerates the doubts of Saturn and his love for solitude. He always looks puzzled. Being selfish, this combination never helps, nor will do well to anyone. When bad news reaches his ears he will be thoroughly excited, looking distressed and helpless and sometimes falls dizzy. He is very cautious and eagerly guards his belongings. He adheres to a very rigid economical principle in all his money affairs: he never lends money, nor will run himself into debt. He is very afraid of women and never gets married. He neither believes in fun nor love nor lives a repugnant monotonous life devoid of pleasure and cheerfulness.

(xii) Bad Saturn and Bad Moon:

The influence of this combination is disastrous, creating a highly disturbed mind that makes life copy of hell. Individuals ruled by this combination are usually heretic and neurotic. A shuddering belief in fiends and other mysterious beings overtakes them and brings them great mental and psychological pain. Their imagination puts them in a horrible condition from which there appears to be no possibility of escape. They always look sadt helpless, hopeless and grumbling. They believe that they are possessed by some kind of genii which work their destruction. They speak and walk absent mindedly and are usually exposed to fatal, surprise accidents. They are seized by a hidden terror. They die young by committing suicide either drowning or burning them.

(xiii) Good Saturn and Good Venus

Although people governed by this combination are generous and kind, yet they exercise great caution in all their dealings and like to carry out their money transactions by themselves. Here the good Saturn’s wisdom overcomes Venus indifference and irresponsibility.

They have adequate control over their emotions especially in love which they seldom attempt but once, on the understanding if the attempted fails, they never repeat it again.

They live on simple diet. Vegetarians are influenced with this combination. They like to remain far from social affairs unless they are officially invited. They are very polite and clean; their habits and principles are firm and solid.

(xiv) Good Saturn and Bad Venus:

This is the only ease in the whole group where the good Saturn maintains his good qualities and tries to conquer the bad habits of Venus depending upon her weak will power, in other similar cases where a bad mount acts with a good one, it tries to enfeeble the good qualities of the good mount; but at the present case the wisdom and sobriety of the good Saturn check Venus’s viciousness.

The power of the bad Venus is displayed only in her threats and floods of insult. This type is often afflicted from early childhood by some physical defect which abates the evil passions of Venus.

(xv) Bad Saturn and Bad Venus:

It is remarkable to note the influence of this combination over children. They are insensible to reason and advice. They dislike and despise discipline and wage war against moral codes. They are born inept and their mentality is under the average.

When this type grows up it chooses an infamous mode for living. It takes pride in being dangerous and impertinent, and in befriending vagabonds and robbers. It excels in plotting different schemes of violation and guides other vagabonds to carry them out under its supervision. Being treacherous and envious he will be pleased to betray his partners on condition that he might get safe with his own skin.

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