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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

(C) Sun and Other Mounts

(i) Good Sun and Good Mercury:

This type gathers round him the greatest number of friends and admirers. His speech and action have the most successful appeal to their emotions. He knows how to perform his duties to the satisfaction of all concerned. All his doings are the acme of perfection; and it would be very difficult to attack them from any angle.

He is fond of amusements and societies. Being a master of witticism and equipped with jovial talent and spirit, he is sure of a hearty welcome in any circle, where he creates an overwhelming atmosphere of fun and laughter. He is the best short story teller especially those of humorous nature. His natural talent for eroticism is very great and he often exploits it for his advantage.

In childhood, this type is the most lovable of all children. He is the apple of the family’s eye. Children governed by the good Mercurial Sun have usually small intelligent faces, big heads and large eyes. They have special pretty ways in expressing their wishes. They seem young for the quantity of their brilliance and intelligence. On growing up they look depressed in the presence of ladies any try to avoid them. They will be always at the top of the list whether at school or public life.

This type is very popular with ladies whom it tries to avoid from its path; but it is impossible. He is destined to love more than once and find great pains in his love. His jealousy could be aroused easily and once it is excited he looks blind and commits foolish actions that often leads to disaster.

They cannot bear to work under the control of others and insist on having their complete freedom and liberty in action and thought. For this reason, the good Mercurial Sun seldom joins Government departments or private companies. He usually starts a small business which through perseverance, uptightness and careful attendance flourishes and grows to a wig concern.

Great businessmen, artists, lawyers, physicians and writers are influenced by this combination. They usually charge the highest fees for their work. They like to live splendidly and luxuriously, and are fond of collecting antiquities especially old carpets and earthen wares.

(ii) Good Sun and Bad Mercury:

This type has a deep and firm foundation of distrust for everybody, and has special secret ways to achieve its ends. Being incapable of any great work he speaks empty talk about his great plans which he is already to carry out if a suitable partner is found. His plans seem to be very real and tantalizing that many victims fails an easy prey. This type is the only one who quite understands the mass psychology and knows how to play with their ambitions and desires. He enchants the public through different alluring schemes, collects their money and then escapes to other lands.

(iii) Bad Sun and Bad Mercury:

This type introduces the pure filthy rogue. He is greedy, envious and very selfish. He looks a hypocrite, humble and miserable, growing over his luck and sneering at his environments. On special occasions, he looks pious. This piety is assumed when he wants to rob a poor widow out of her money. He is an expert in dealing with old women.

He has a breezy oblong face and clearly cut features which he allows himself to look sad and distressed in order to gain old women’s pity. Under these features, he hides the most selfish and obnoxious spirit. As a matter of fact, his face and convivial spirit are the only weapons which he uses in gaining old widows’ hearts who once they fall within his clutches, he begins fleecing and torturing until they pray for deliverance at any cost.

(iv) Good Sun and Good Mars:

The good Mars makes the good Sun more discreet and practical, looking at things as they really are. The good Sun being very brilliant and good Mars very daring and practical, this combination is fit to gain wealth and fame. This type is upright and honest and fulfills his duty with ardor and efficiency. He always seeks for better conditions and positions, and wider spheres of activity. He hardly sticks to one places or the same surroundings for a long time; he likes to move to bigger cities and places. He is destined to live stranger, and where he goes he is sure of happiness and success.
This type is the most fortunate of all; he never fails in any attempt or work. He never boasts over his talents or doings and leaves this to the public.

Wherever he goes, the good Martian Sun finds a welcome home owing to his high spirit, integrity and manly character. He often marries a foreigner and lives the greatest part of his life in foreign lands.

Shanker Adawal

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