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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

(V) Good Saturn and Bad Mercury:

In this combination, we find the good traits of Saturn affect the mentality, and the bad habits of Mercury influence the actions and deeds. The individual governed by this group will be subjected to severe mental agony and anxiety owing to the fact that his mind will always think and get puzzled about the foolish acts which he commits. This type usually thinks of good things while his hands do evil ones. The bitter thing is that he knows well that his deeds are all wrong and will destroy him, but he is quite helpless to avoid them.

This type is a good adviser for others and bad counselor for himself. The bad Mercury knows no rest and cannot wait; he executes the first mischievous action that comes his way especially if it is connected with robbing somebody.

People falling under the influence of this type are usually of long stature, narrow yellow eyes and horrible faces.

(vi) Bad Saturn and Bad Mercury:

This combination is the worst and vilest thing on earth. Every evil and bad description could be unreservedly applied to the bad Mercurial Saturn and many more. Good words, obedience, discipline, honour, faithfulness, goodness, affection, pity and the like have no meaning for his soul and heart; He is an egocentric and a veritable problem for humanity. Where he moves, evil, scandal, mischief and crime prevail.

From early childhood, he causes his parents incessant worries. His notable quality to hate his parents and relations, and he tries to disgrace them in every way. He harbors hatred and envy to all creatures’ human and animal alike. From the time he is able to make his own wants clear, he persists in having his own way.

It will not be possible to predict the amount of harm and mischief which this bad Mercurial Saturn can accomplish. Both bad Saturn and bad Mercury are fiends and felons. This combination is exclusively destined for robbers, assassins, revolutionists, conspirators, mutineers and distinguished swindlers. Enjoying the most destructive qualities and endowed with the biggest twisted mind and mentality, this combination is capable of hatching any plot or scheme which he well be very glad to fulfill.

In cases where the bad Venus is attached to this infamous group, it is an infallible sign that the poor native ruled by this trinity will be murdered in a horrible scandalous way as a result of immortal behaviour.

(vii) Good Saturn and Good Mars:

The good Saturn checks the high impulsiveness of Mars and lets him think twice before carrying out any action. The adventurous spirit of the good Mars will be replaced by the calm calculation and patience of the good Saturn. By means of the great willpower of Saturn, the good Mars will overcome every obstacle. This type has the power to bear and suffer quietly. It labours a long time without murmur or fatigue, standing severe strains and bearing ill with fortitude and patience. These latter qualities are displayed during sickness especially when this type is exposed to severe operations which are abundant in his life and which he bears with calmness and without fear.

They cannot forgive or forget and insist on taking full revenge. They never provoke anybody and do not like anyone to excite their feelings; if he does he will be extremely tortured.

Good Saturnine Martians are very great big men; they are preeminently economical and pay careful exactness in the utilization of their talents and money. Nothing can daunt or shake their firmness or belief.

In fact, the life of this combination is full of fight and hardships but it is always crowned with success and happiness.

(viii) Good Saturn and Bad Mars:

Through his villainous nature, oppression and intrigues, the bad Mars makes the good Saturn a tyrant without remorse. He ignores and despises his poor family and takes pride in shunning them in societies. The first thing he does when grown up is to abandon his family especially if they are in need of him.

His provoking nature picks quarrel wherever he goes. His life is a volume of atrocities, tortures and cruelties. He sticks to his bad habits and likes to enforce them upon others, by force, if necessary. Absolute tyrants and merciless oppressors and transgressors are ruled by this combination.

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