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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

(xv) Bad Jupiter and Bad Moon:

This combination creates a timid, loose and self respect lacking individual. He tries to look pious in order to gain others’ confidence and trust. Under cover of his false piety,  he commits the most villainous actions. He indulges himself in drinking liquors at secret hidden places. This often leads him to alcoholic insanity. The sign of this sort of mental disorder is that the victim believes he has been converted into any article except a human being. The Line of Mentality in such cases is formed out of many small islands, and the Line of Saturn will be thin, awkward and short. The hand usually is flabby and red in colour.

(xvi) Good Jupiter and Good Venus:

The most charming and attractive character imaginable is the direct result of the combined influence of these two good mounts. Individuals governed by these mounts have usually the strongest impression on every observer. They are famed for their noble simplicity, dignity, perfect love and fidelity. Being very truehearted and shrewd, the good Jupiterian Venus will know from a glance your inner self and desire, however, you try to conceal them. Once he utters any judgment it will not be possible to change or amend it. He is willing to help any person under any circumstances; but once his help seems to be directed in the wrong way or rendered to the unworthy being it will never reoccur. A good word or a gentle smile will win his side. He spares no effort in entertaining his guests and friends and insists on drinking to the health of every one present.

 (xvii) Good Jupiter and Bad Venus:

The bad Venus affects the good Jupiter in many different ways; it makes him lazy, effeminate and soon gets angry for trifles. The smallest contact is sufficient to arouse his bad emotions.

It is very strange to observe ill such a type the great quantity of intelligence with which he is endowed; but his talents and ability, are disregarded owing to his misconduct and misdemeanor. His success in life is very limited. One must be very careful in handling such type. He will be quite satisfied with a kind word to appease his anger. Also he is contented with any oral promises and does not care if they are never fulfilled. Once his anger is excited, he uses every foul weapon to attack his opponent.

(xviii) Bad Jupiter and Bad Venus:

It is very strange to note that individuals governed by this type of mounts always look hungry and ready to eat anything. They are boom under the direct influence of the stomach and mouth. If the individual is not eating, his mouth will be occupied by talking heaps of rubbish. He is usually very mean and of a parasitic nature.

The influence of these two bad mounts is clearly demonstrated in ladies. Signs of this bad combination including grilles on the Mount of Jupiter and islands on the overgrown Mount of Venus are often seen in the hands of wrong girls who crave for any reputation even of a bad nature. These girls are usually vicious and have a high sexual urge and hot temperament. They are willing to sacrifice honour, wealth and health in sharing any fatal vice especially narcotic drugs. They are also born gamblers.

Girls of low families endowed with the most beautiful face and figure who care to exploit to the utmost their endowments are ruled by this combination. Concubines and mistresses of high officials and statesmen who beguile their lovers, coax and influence them to commit infamous deeds are controlled by this combination. These girls are proud to hear every one praising and talking about them and their insinuating actions. They are generally very ambitious and daring. They display a persisting desire to have every valuable article their eyes settle upon even if they are not in need of it; they just have an urge to squander their lovers’ money.

In order to ensure a luxurious life and in the meantime satisfy their bestial appetites, they choose their lovers among young foolish wealthy men. On getting old they accumulate a great fortune which they lavishly spend upon gigolos whom they pick from the most violent rogues.

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