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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Saturn and Other Mounts

(i) Good Saturn and Good Sun:

This combination is the true source of right principles, etiquette and taste. It is renowned for its refined moral excellence, common prudence and dignity.

Being endowed with the gift of sure and sound judgment based on slow uninterrupted study and inspection, this type can tell at a glance a good character from a bad one irrespective of any show or appearance.

The good Saturn will replace the innate laziness of the good Sun by energy and activity. His self respect and reverence for others impel him, when talking, to choose his words and sentences lest they might contain unintended meaning. As an admirer of justice and truthfulness, the good Saturnine Sun suffers great pain in adjusting his or others’ rights.

On the other hand, the good Sun’s optimism reacts upon the good Saturn’s melancholy and lets him incline to the bright side of things especially in cases where women and marriage are involved. This type often gets married at an advanced age after much research and test. His marriage is always a success; both partners live to a happy old age although they do not have any children.

(ii) Good Saturn and Bad Sun:
This is the most contradictory of all types. It makes the individual doubtful and suspicious of every person, even his own abilities and qualifications. The good Saturn being very powerful, bad Sun will find little chance to play havoc with its character. Saturn’s determination, however, will be checked by Sun’s hesitation; the good appetite for study with which Saturn is endowed will be replaced by Sun’s laziness and hate for study. Also Saturn’s sobriety will varnish in face of Sun’s folly and mischief. The good Saturn will maintain his love for loneliness where bad Sun will interfere and smear his peace of mind by morbid imagination and notorious thinking.

Children governed by this combination isolate themselves from other boys and cannot enjoy the joyful experiences and characteristics of children’s play.

(iii) Bad Saturn and Bad Sun:

This combination produces a pretending vagabond doing and wishing evil for everybody. He is a remarkable liar even in pure innocent cases where lying would be of no advantage. Just a means of vexation, which this type adopts for the inconvenience of others.

He is an expert in magic and necromancy which he practices in slums and pool quarters where many clients are in waiting. He is very clever in carrying out his actions and it will be difficult to suspect or detect them. Once this type suspects that his plans or actions would be disclosed he makes good his escape to another place leaving neither clue nor trace of his new lodgings. He is very clever in disguising his appearance and is always seen moving in dirty suspected places. He usually charges small fees for his services knowing that his victim will not care for refund a small sum in case the magic fails which is often the care. Arriving at new places he usually assumes a new name and history.

(iv) Good Saturn and Good Mercury:

This is the cleverest type of all; the good Saturn being patient and studious, and the good Mercury being industrious, fluent and shrewd, the combination of these two mounts is adequate means for great success. Persons ruled by this combination seem to be made of iron as they are disdainful of ease. They are always seen working or moving or studying and investigating. As shrewd judges of human nature exhibiting a great deal of patience and gifted with an unparalleled forbearance, they are sure of overcoming any rival or competitor in business. No-body can boast to defy them or oppress them as he is quite sure that their blows will make him stagger all his life.

Among the peculiar characteristics of this combination is that his body seems to be made of separate parts adhered together by means of hinges. He never stands or sits or talks still. While speaking or acting or listening every part of his body moves especially his face and neck. His sole defect remains in his over self confidence which makes him believe that he is born from another human day superior to other men. By his ability, perseverance and intelligence, this type can master any mental, scientific or industrial pursuit.

Conflicts are always waged between Saturn’s slow motion and Mercury’s perpetual movements. Another battle is declared between Saturn’s sobriety and Mercury’s gaiety and love for fun. Sometimes you see this combination grin when others enjoy a hearty laugh.

Naturally, this type is selfish and a first rate bargainer; he actually knows the value of money and time which are the two cements of progress and success. He is a bookworm and a great contributor to learning and scientific researches. His only pleasure is to read a good book and comment upon it. He does not forget to tell the author or publisher his views about that book. He is seldom seen without a book or other manuscript. For the sake of economy he buys second hand prints and binds them to look new. He is very systematic in action and thought.

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