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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

(xii) Bad Jupiter and Bad Mars:

People influenced by this devilish character are famous for their despotic demeanor displayed in strangling liberties and choking freedom. They are void of conscience and morality. They make the worst husbands and parents. Being very cruel, they find pleasure in torturing their wives or beating their children or quarrelling with their friends and neighbors. They instigate their children to rob and induce their wives and daughters to go the wrong way. On refusing to comply with their wishes they will be flogged and tortured till they subside. This combination is the most infamous and immoral type of all the groups. Seducers, white slave dealers, love brokers, sadists and other degraded creatures are governed by these two mounts.

No existing power can resist or check this type’s ham; and no punishment except death can let him forsake his infamous ways. Any person who tries to oppose this type will be taken for an arch enemy who should be dispatched without delay.

As both the hands, Jupiter and bad Mars are fond of liquor; their combination makes the worst foul drunkard. This bad type prefers to commit his deeds of violence in a treacherous and surprising way. When he desires to do harm to any person, he causes wounds on his own body and accuses the other person for them. He never befriends any one for a long time, and always takes great care to avoid being trapped or endangered by his acquaintances.

Rivals in vice and crime, as well as accomplices in murder or robbery who are ready to betray or kill each other at the slightest provocation are governed by these two bad mounts.

(xiii) Good Jupiter and Good Moon:

This type is known by his extravagant sensitiveness, high morality and whole some pure imagination. He is a religious person who strictly adheres to tenets and precepts. His reverence and respect for his religion is so great that he never commits or undertakes any action unless it totally coincides with his religious teachings.

The good Moon being lazy and hating struggle will make the good Jupiter a contented satisfied man of moderate success. The chastity and integrity of the good Moon will check Jupiter’s luxury and pleasure. Instead of wasting his leisure time in fun, the good Jupiterian Moon will occupy his time in aesthetic recreations of mind.

Humanitarians, philanthropists and reformers are ruled by these two mounts.

(xiv) Good Jupiter and Bad Moon:

The Jupiterian’s ambitions and aims are checked by the imaginary fear and illusion of the bad Moon. It is remarkable to note in the life of this type the great enhances which come across his way and which he misses through fear, hesitation and lack of determination.

The most conspicuous habit of this type is his fear of domestic animals especially dogs. He is also very afraid of darkness and never bears to sleep in a dark room even with other people.

He is always seen grumbling and complaining against those who are responsible for his career and breeding. His desires are weak and not in true with reality. He is very suggestible.

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