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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

(iv) Good Jupiter and Good Sun

It is the most favorable sign for success, to be governed by these two mounts. In order to ensure that any individual is governed by these mounts; the following signs should be clearly visible in his hand:

(a) Both Mounts of Jupiter and Sun should be good.

(b) Both Fingers of Jupiter and Sun should be of equal length, erect and straight.

(c) The Line of Sun should be deep, strong and long.

(d) The Line of Mentality should be long, straight and separating from life Line of Vitality at its beginning.

(e) The Line of Fate must be clear, strong and ending on the Mount of Saturn, or on the border between Saturn and Jupiter.

(f) The Line of Heart should be clear and deep, ending on the Mount of Jupiter with two or more branches.

(g) The Mount of Venus will be overgrown and of a bad type.

Individuals ruled by these mounts are the happy favorites of Fate. Everything they ask for is granted with the greatest ease. They are endowed with ample talents for success, fame and wealth.

Being of clear mind and brisk intelligence, they wait for the proper, chance to achieve their aims and they hardly fail. The good Sunnian being just and fair, and the good Jupiter being an adherent of law and duty, this combination will create the best managers and administrators who judge people owing to their merits and talents.

He enjoys a good memory for recalling events, persons and names after a long time; old friends and foes will be easily recognized. One of his qualities in his great love and appreciation of pleasure and hilarity especially where beautiful ladies are abundant.

Because of his repeated love affairs, the good Sun-Jupiter is always faced with serious troubles at home. It seems that fate brings across his life many different lovable women whose temptation he could not resist. His married life is by no means happy though he marries but once, knowing all the time that it is his own fault if he is not happy with his wife.

(v) Good Jupiter and Bad Sun:

This company makes an unscrupulous and uncertain individual who loses his money and property through much gambling and speculation. The bad Sun will smear the good traits of Jupiter and induce him to accept bribes in order to cover his expenses. The good Jupiterian develops a disgusting vanity and self deceit; he will be impulsive, shortsighted and a bundle of mistakes. He heeds no advice and always thinks bad of his comrades and creates around him hosts of enemies who undermine his career.

(vi) Bad Jupiter and Bad Sun:

This makes a very unpromising beginning of life. The individual governed by this bad combination is  ignorant and pretender. He neglects his studies and grows up mentally and physically a coward. With a venomous heart he preys upon the weak and the helpless. He is a first rate slanderer and backbiter; and is ready to take any part in any mischief provided he is well paid in advance. Alter committing his crime, he makes good his escape. Hardships, obstacles and adversities are thrown along his path in life, and he finds relief in indulging in drinking poor liquors until he is rendered an actual beggar.

(vii) Good Jupiter and Good Mercury:

People influenced by these two mounts are usually intelligent and attentive observers.
They are naturally gifted with fluency, oratory and first rate administrative and business capacity. The good Mercurial Jupiter is the most finished speaker of all men. In his speeches, he uses elegant formulas and rosy phrases. Successful diplomats and skillful businessmen who are endowed with sagacious industrial and commercial talents, financial managers of short statures and comely faces, legislators who are only interested in laying down practical laws and doctrines, are all governed by this combination.

Reformers, magnificent lawyers, designers, judges, philosophers and statesmen are all guided by the good motives of Jupiter and Mercury.

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