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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Mutual Action of Mounts

The preceding chapters deal with the special characteristics and traits of people governed by a sole pure type of mount which is very rare. The majority of humans are directed through their lives and destinies by two or more different mounts; that means that every individual, as a rule, is a combination of more or less good and bad forces which have the greatest influence upon his whole being; consequently, the mutual action of the different mounts ruling and governing every one of us, is of the utmost importance in Hand Reading. These governing mounts are the keynote to the whole character and denote the general behavior of destiny and career. For this reason it is very essential to fix and locate the good and bad mounts which influence every one’s life together with their special qualities, their quantities and way of action. In this connection the student should always bear in mind the following facts about the ruling mounts:

(1) In case the governing mounts are all good, the most powerful of all will have, naturally, the greatest influence in shaping and molding character and destiny.

(2) If some mounts are good and some are bad, which is often the case, the destiny and career will be similarly composed of different good and bad elements. In such cases, the good mounts, even if they are the more powerful, do not slight, eliminate or check the action of the bad mounts; on the contrary, these good mounts will be influenced to certain extent by the interference of the bad mounts.

(3) In cases where the bad mounts are the more powerful, the good mounts will be unable to show their good influence, or at least the will reluctantly act in a delayed and wavering way. Their good action will be feeble and for a short period.

(4) On the other hand if the ruling mounts are all bad, the more powerful will help poorer ones, and excite them to act forcibly.

The Mutual Action of Jupiter and Other Mounts
(i) Good Jupiter and Good Saturn
People governed by these good mounts are of recognizable manners and temperaments. The remarkable patience and perseverance of the good Saturn will check Jupiter’s impulsiveness. Instead of depending upon instinct and intelligence, the native will study his problems, probe their depth and infer results. The innate endowment of economy with which the good Saturnine is equipped will check Jupiter’s expenses; and love of pleasures and amusements for which Jupiter longs, will be seriously looked to by the good Saturn.

The result of this wholesome combination of Jupiter and Saturn is shown in the greatest ability and perseverance displayed in the pursuit of worthy objects and studies which bring solid reputation and fame.

People ruled by these good mounts are usually gifted with tremendous energy and mental power which have important effect upon human destiny.

(ii) Good Jupiter and Bad Saturn

In such cases, the individual will be of an ever imitating temperament and an uneven balance of character. Sometimes, he looks bright and gay and often sad and spiritless.

The good Jupiter, while leading the individual to ambitions and high posts, the bad Saturn enforce his wickedness on Jupiter and damps down his spirits and creates for him unreal obstacles and difficulties which will impede his progress, and make him doubtful and not sure of his aims.

The bad Saturn will attack the good qualities of Jupiter’s love and kindness for his relatives and friends. This love and kindness will be replaced hay negligence and indifference.

(iii) Bad Jupiter and Bad Saturn

The combined action of these bad mounts will create a desperate vagabond who on seeing failure in every walk of life, turns to injure himself and everybody else. The bad Saturn being excessively superstitious and fond of witchcraft, and bad Jupiter being hopeless of success, will resort to magic and other supernatural fallacies in order to realize his imaginary aims. He will carry about himself talismans and amulet. He believes, they will procure him success. He attributes his failure to spirits and devils who he thinks are working against his luck, and in order to appease them he performs certain prayers and enchantments of no meaning.

The bad Saturn, being a revolutionist by nature and the bad Jupiter instinctively a coward, this combination creates a mutineer who never enforces his threats. Also the bad Jupiter a being a debauchee and the bad Saturnine niggardly and avaricious, he will seek his pleasure at cheap dirty places. There are certain men or husbands whose only object in life is to get in touch with the greatest number of women especially widows in order to rob them of their money or property. These men usually talk much, drink much and give alluring promises. They are tall and comely, and through cheating and cunning find access to deserted women’s hearts, fleece them and then mysteriously escape. These men are pure type of the bad Saturnine Jupiter.

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