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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 13

Dr. Shanker Adawal

(v) Good Mercury and Bad Moon:

This type is fond of mixing and intermingling superstitions and spirits with all his actions and deeds. All optimists and pessimists fall under the rule of this type in some way or other. In all their actions, superstition has the final word.

This type is firm believer in the evil eye and often carries about him charms and similar articles against it.

He is very clever in inventing and making small articles especially toys for children. He usually asks a high price for his work, but often accepts half or third the price after smiling and usual haggling. This type being very happy with his present circumstances never asks for any improvement; he rarely rises to the top or makes a big man of business. He is also very suspicious and wherever he goes he creates an atmosphere of mistrust and distrust.

Small events have great effect upon his imagination which hastily exaggerates the evil one. Simple innocent words are not taken as they are; his suspicion and whirled imagination always interprets them to unhealthy ones. Once he imagines something bad, he actually believes it and takes action accordingly. He is very timid and coward and avoids fighting except by words He has no power to defend himself and he looks very humble in face of oppression. He receives insults and blows without any grudge or protest until he falls unconscious.

(vi) Bad Mercury, and Bad Moon:

The majority of people governed by this type are ladies and feeble men. They are inflicted with general depression and mental stagnation.

It is remarkable to note the shape and features of these people’s body. They are composed of two distinct contradictory parts: the upper trunk of the body is huge, broad, flabby and thick, an the lower trunk is slim, thin and bony supported upon two large thin feet. The gait of the women is very disgusting. Their speech and action are out of the ordinary and lack harmony. They are always awestricken and are afraid of something unexpected which they believe nestles a certain calamity which cannot be for fended.

Superstitions, hallucinations, ghosts and malignant spirits are real and living factors in their feeble minds.

This type cares nothing for honour or decency or cleanliness. Women governed by this combination are ready to sell their bodies and souls to the first bidder provided sufficient praise is paid for them. They hate everybody, even their children and are very jealous of them when they grow.

This type is an expert in inventing lies or rumours in order to perplex others’ minds. Also he likes to spread panic and alarm. He is vicious and a glutton.

His love affairs are abnormal. The women usually fall in love with their servants and the men with their maids. Both sexes are very jealous. Their jealousy, once provoked, they commit the foulest crimes destroying both their rivals and  themselves.

Bad Mercurial Moons are fond of participating in pagan rites and are addicts to distasteful vicious practices.

(vii) Good Mercury and Good Venus:

This type is known for his good taste in dancing, singing and music. He makes the best artiste and likes to make himself and everyone else happy and contented.

This type could be recognized by his large expressive eyes, delicate features and abundant hair. As a rule every creature governed by these two mounts has a beautiful and attractive face. His love affairs are many and he handles them with great caution. He never loses his temper and does not utter a single harsh word or make a rough gesture even if it is aroused to the highest pitch.

He is eagerly interested in politics, public and social affairs. He is quite efficient in undertaking big business or works, especially those of technical nature.

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