A Guide to Palmistry: The Mounts, Chapter VI, Part – 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

General mount indications

Each Mount has its good and its bad side-a strong and a weak side. Well developed and well placed, it shows the good side; grilled and cross lined or with crossbars, islands and crosses, the defects are uppermost.

In some hands the Mounts may be seen all equally developed. This will indicate a well balanced character, and a general supply of qualities derived from all the types. Such natives will be even tempered, broad in their views and amenable to reason. If two Mounts only are developed, the native will be a combination of the two. In this case if one Mount has a good vertical line, or is harder or redder in colour, then this Mount will be the stronger of the two.

If unable, by this method, to ascertain which the leading type is, then note the fingers carefully-for the Mount with the strongest finger will lead.

In all cases the character of the fingers, whether long or short, smooth or knotty, and the class of the tip, must be applied in connection with the Mount qualities and the diseases incidental thereto. But in a search for detects, the nails must be noted, as they disclose defects of health and character.

On many hands it will be found that the Mounts bear divers markings, all bearing on the health or character of the native. For the benefit of readers following indications of such signs and the health defects of the particular Type are given.

Jupiter:- The Star, Circle, Triangle, Square, Trident and Single Vertical line add strength to the Mount; whilst the Grille, Crossbar, Island, Horizontal line. Dot or Cross indicate defects of health or character, which the Main lines. Colour, and so on, will determine. The signs may be single or in combination.

Health troubles:- Peculiar to the type include overeating, fainting fits, apoplexy, gout, stomach troubles, sometimes lung troubles, dyspepsia, and if the Third phalanx of the finger is waisted, nervousness, and throat or lung trouble. If the third phalanx is flabby, but shows evidence of having been thick and firm, it will indicate dyspepsia.

Saturn:- The signs either single or in combination which and strength to this Mount are the Triangle, Trident, Circle, Square, or Single Vertical line. The Grille, Cross, Island, or Crossbars indicate defects.

Health troubles:- Include biliousness, rheumatism, nerves, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, ear troubles, and predisposition to suicidal pessimism.

Sun:- The signs either single or in combination which add strength to this Mount are the Star, Triangle, Square, Trident, or Single Vertical fine. The Grille, Cross, Island, Dot, or Crossbars show defects in either health or character.

Health troubles:- weak eyes, heart trouble, sunstroke, fever.

Mercury:- The signs either single or in combination which add strength to this Mount are the Triangle, Star, Circle, Trident, Square, or Single Vertical line. The Grille, Island, Crossbars, or Dot show the defects of the Mount, in either health or character.

Health troubles:- Liver troubles, nerves, dyspepsia, liability to stomach trouble and paralysis of the upper limbs. As a general rule the Mercurial is a healthy type, and frequently retains a youthful appearance in old age.

Upper Mars:- The Signs, either single or in combination, which add strength to this Mount, are the Triangle, Star, Circle, Single Vertical line, Trident, and Square. The Cross, Island, Crossbars, Dot or Grille snow defects of the Mount. All Cross lines, Stars, Crosses or Grilles in the Plain of Mars increase inflammability and temper.

Signs on Lower Mars must be read on the influence lines inside the Life Line.

Health troubles:- excitability, intestinal trouble, throat and bronchial troubles, and blood disorders. The Martians are as a rule robust and healthy. Moon:-The Signs, either single or in combination, which add strength to this Mount, are the Star, Trident, Circle, Square, Triangle, or Single Vertical lines. The Grille, Cross, Crossbars, Islands, Dots, or badly formed Stars indicate defects.

Health troubles:- poor circulation of the blood, extreme nervousness, peritonitis, inflammation of the bowels, appendicitis, cholera, intestinal troubles, and cancer are shown on the Upper third of the Mount, The Lower third of the Mount shows kidney and bladder troubles. The Middle third of the Mount shows gout and rheumatism.

Venus:- The Signs, either single or in combination, which add strength to this Mount, are the Triangle, Circle, Square, or Single Vertical Line. The Cross, Grille, Island, or Dot indicate the defects.

Health troubles:- In low type Venusians we find venereal disease, shown by black dots or brown patches on the Mount or back of the hands. For other and general health troubles of the Type, the other Mounts, nails, and so on, must be examined.

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