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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mounts, Chapter VI, Part – 10

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Mount of Venus

The Venusian type is the pleasantest to meet, being healthy, happy, musical and joyous, and though, at times, it may descend in morality, it always attractive and agreeable. It is a type which needs to be handled carefully if you are to estimate it correctly; otherwise serious mistakes in character may be made, and low desires and practices attributed to one whose domain in life may belong to the elevated Venusian type.

The Mount stands for love, sympathy and generosity; the type is a good one, as one of its best qualifications is to be found in its attractiveness. It is a healthy type and a handsome one, as well as being essentially a feminine one, and is beset by many temptations from its attractiveness to the opposite sex. A good Head Line and a strong Thumb are necessary to restrain the inclinations and the passions.

A strong Mount of Venus in a woman’s hand will not tend to profligacy as a Mount of the same strength would in a man’s hand. In a man’s hand, a strong Mount of Venus makes him effeminate in his characteristics, or else fiery and heated in his passions. I conjunction with a hard hand, the desires will be indulged to a far greater extent than in the case of a woman with the same degree of development.

If the Mount is full and smooth, there will be a strong love of all Venusian things; but this will not be in excess as would be the case if the Mount was grilled. Smooth Mounts, not large, indicate a love of flowers, music dancing, paintings, colour, and so on, but not strong sexual passion. If on the Mount the cross lines constituting the grille are deep and red, it will add to the danger of the Mount.

The Venusians are honest and truthful-they are not schemers for moneymaking and are not given to petty fogging cheating in business. Music always appeals powerfull to them, and wherever a well developed Mount is possessed, there will be found a love of music and particularly of melody. If Mount Moon is equally developed, it will add to the musical taste of the native.

Venusians always marry and generally at an early age; to them the Martian strength and vigour is an attraction. Good health is their normal condition; there are no recognized chronic ailments peculiar to the type, hence the diseases that a Venusian may have must be looked for on the other Mounts, and not on the Mount of Venus itself.

Bad Venusians there are, and they may be recognized by the hand being very thick, especially the base of the hand and the third phalanges of the fingers, the Mount of Venus being large, red and hard; with the fingers smooth, short, and the first phalanges also short, we have mere animals, who find their pleasures only in pandering to their animal passions.

In considering the extent and power of the qualities of the Mound and their effect upon the native, the examination must be close and minute as to texture of the skin, the consistency of the hands, the tips of the fingers, whether long or short, knotty or smooth, the strength or otherwise of the Thumb and Head Line, and the colour of the hands-all should be brought into consideration. The other Mounts must also be considered in order to ascertain which type is secondary to it, for whatever such type may be, it must be considered as a driving power to the Venusian.

The person governed by Sun too closely resembles the Venusian to constitute a good combination. The Moon dominated person is by no means a good secondary force; for imagination being strong, it would tend to inflame the passions. To round off and perfect the Venusian, some side of the Jupiterian, Saturnine, Mercurial or Martian types is requisite. As regards the finger tips-which exercise a strong influence on the Venusian-the Spatulate tip makes a good combination with the Mount, as it would make the native more human in sympathy and love, very fond of pets, children, dogs, horses, and in fact all animals.

Of the whole of the seven pure types, the brightest, the best, and the most human, is without doubt the Venusian; but whilst recognizing its good qualities, it cannot be proclaimed as faultless.

In dealing with the Mounts, the opening sections of this chapter must be considered, as they will serve to show the influence the Mounts exercise on the character and life of the native-especially in hands which show two or more Mounts developed, as they must then be considered in combination, and in such consideration much that would otherwise appear obscure or even puzzling  in the native will be revealed.

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