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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mounts, Chapter VI, Part – 8

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Mount of Mars

 This Mount is of a threefold nature, and consists of the Mount of Mars properly so called, situated under the Mount of Mercury, between the Heart and Head Lines and designated the Upper Mars; the Lower Mars, situated between the Life Line and Mount Venus; and the Plain of Mars, which constitutes the centre of the palm. Each has its special influence, making this mount a difficult one to comprehend, while the difficulty is enhanced because there is no finger representing the Mount.

The leading characteristics of the Mount when well developed are courage, self control, resolution, and capability for command. In almost all hands some Martian development is to be found-to its entire absence is due the flotsam and jetsam of life. Easily discouraged, they go under in the struggle for existence, no matter how gifted or talented they may be.

There are two kinds of fighters-those who are aggressive and force the issue, and those who act purely on the defensive. This division in the Martian qualities is revealed in the Upper Mount of Mars, which indicates resistive power, and the Lower Mount of Mars, which indicates the possession of aggressive power. The degree of development of these Mounts varies-often one of these Mounts only is strongly developed, while the other is small; in such case the native will either be very aggressive, or have strong resistive power, according to the more strongly developed Mount.

Given both Mounts well developed, you have one possessed of strong aggressive and resistive powers; one who will have much persistence, and will resist any attempts to impose on him. Such a native will push himself over every obstacle, and resist any and every attempt to retard his progress. He will never recognize defeat when it comes.

The Plain of Mars, if well developed, or if crossed with many fine lines, will show the presence of sudden temper. With this indication, both Mounts being well developed, the combination is dangerous.

When reading hands, this Mount must be fully considered and taken into account in all its aspects; for it deficient, there will be a want of fighting or resistive power, and failure must result-in almost all cases of suicide, this Mount will be found to be deficient.

The native with the Upper Mount only developed will not be the one to force a fight, nor to look for trouble; but he will resist opposition. The Lower Mount developed will show one who will not consider others, but will force his way through all opposition-he loves a fight. If, however, the Lower Mount is strong and the Upper Mount absent, native will be good for a game of bluff-but will back down if pressed; he is wanting in powers of resistance.

The Martian is of medium height, strongly built, very exact, and has all the appearance of one able to look after himself, and force his way through the world-mentally if he can, physically if he must. His health is, as a rule, good; hence he is always energetic, generous and fond of forming friendships with congenial spirits. Very determined, but amenable to reason; fairly easily led, but to drive him would be a task for a Hercules-intense in everything and passionate, opposition will arouse his fighting propensities; he is best handled by tact and diplomacy. The type will be found in every walk of life, and is always the same ardent, persevering individual, strong in pride, and fond of show.

Naturally enough, there is a bad type of Martian as well as a good one, and then you will find him lascivious, a drunkard and a criminal. To distinguish the varied degrees of the Martian, regard must be had to the various qualities of the  hand as to texture, consistency, colour, and so on, in order to form a just and accurate estimate of the native.

It must be borne in mind that the cross lines, grilles, crosses or stars in the Plain of Mars make the native more easily inflammable.

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