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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mounts, Chapter VI, Part – 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Mount of Moon

The qualities of this Mount are to a greater or lesser degree found in nearly all natives; but it is not often seen in its fullest development, and its strength must be judged by its curve outwardly, on the percussion of the hand, and the size of the pad it forms on the palm. If it forms a well defined bulge on the percussion, it must be considered as being well developed. If it is also thick, and forms a large pad on the palm, then it must be considered as very strongly developed; while if the bulge is very large, and the pad in the palm equally marked, then the development will be excessive.

When considering this Mount, it must be borne in mind that vertical lines add to the strength of the Mount, while Horizontal lines indicate defects.

For health purposes, the Mount should be divided into three sections, viz.: the upper, the middle, and the lower; each section serves to indicate the health troubles peculiar to the persons governed by Moon, and they are indicated by crosses, grilles, crossbars, islands, dots, ill formed stars and wavy lines.

In a native possessing a well developed Mount of Moon you have one with good powers of expression and with a pleasing and lively imagination-thus all great linguists, writers of fiction or romance, as well as musicians, possess a well developed Mount of Moon. Where there is an excessive development of the Mount there will be flightiness, too strong an imagination, a probability (under excitement) of complete loss of control and even a danger of insanity. A deficiency of the Mount leads to a total want of imagination, a disbelief in everything, want of nerve, a hopeless outlook and hypochondria.

The person governed by Moon is often peculiar, especially where the Mount is well developed; being influenced by the imagination, he becomes dreamy, builds castles in the air, and conceives great enterprises of no practical utility. Often imagines he is ill, is fickle, changeable and restless, hence he frequently becomes a great traveler. The more the Mount is lined, the more restless he becomes. He is a great believer in the superstitious, in signs and omens which influence him greatly. He loves music and prefers the classical; is often a composer, some even of history-but he will be much aided by the possession of a long finger of Mercury, with the first phalanx long, and the qualities of the conic, spatulate or square tip. He is very fond of the water and makes a good sailor; he is never generous-is lacking in self confidence, energy and perseverance, and is usually unsuccessful in business.

Fortunately the pure Person governed by Moon is not often met-otherwise there would be a need for more lunatic asylums; but the development of the Mount must be very excessive before attributing such a result to your native.

This type is native to many health troubles; he is predisposed to gout and rheumatism, and intestinal troubles of all descriptions-it has been found that intestinal disorder for any type is shown on the upper part of this Mount by dots, islands, crossbars or similar defective markings; when such are seen the Life Line should be examined closely for defects. Hair lines may often be seen running from such markings on the Mount to the Life Line, and if the Line is defective, the date of the occurrence of the trouble will be indicated-the Line of Mercury will also have to be considered, and the Mount of Saturn.

The middle portion of the Mount, if defective, will show the indications for gout or rheumatism. The lower part of the Mount with defective markings will show liability to kidney and bladder trouble in a man’s hand, while in a woman’s hand it will in addition indicate marked female weakness. It is found that kidney trouble is most often shown by crossbars on the lower part of the Mount. In the case of female weakness being indicated, there is usually a Star on the Line of Mercury at the point where it crosses the Head Line. When such is seen, it is a serious indication, for its presence is indicative of sterility, and serves to explain why apparently healthy women are childless.

Bear in mind that these defective markings are not restricted in their indications to pure Moon dominated persons; they will be found in all types, but in the hand of a Moon dominated person, who is peculiarly liable to such troubles, the effect of the defective marking is accentuated.

The Moon dominated person, as in all other types, has a bad as well as a good side, and when the bad side is developed, you will have a person who is talkative and who, by excess of imagination, will deceive himself and others. He is mean, cowardly, selfish, insolent, deceitful, slanderous, and by no means an agreeable or pleasant companion.

In all cases of a strongly developed Mount of Moon, the qualities indicated by the other parts of the hand will exercise a strong influence; particularly the texture of the skin, as this will indicate the amount of fineness or coarseness to be taken into account. The medium texture best suits the Moon dominated person, as it tells of energy and practical ideas-the consistency of the hand must be noted and its flexibility, so that one can add the varied characteristics thereto pertaining.

The pure Moon dominated person ranges from the highly gifted to the insane, and all the stages are indicated by the size, character, ad markings of the Mount. In the absence of the Mount, one would have dense materialism. One will not find many typical Moon dominated persons, but may confidently expect to discover a measure of Moon dominated person qualities in most natives.

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