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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mounts, Chapter VI, Part – 7

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Mount of Mercury

This Mount is situated at the base of the fourth finger (fig 8), and in conjunction with it, marks the Mercurial, whose varied capabilities will necessitate careful consideration.

The first essential, with this type, is to find out which side, the good or the bad, is the stronger, or of all the types the Mercurial is most easily led into dishonest practice. If good, the Mercurial is one of the best, and most successful in science, eloquence, industry, law, politics or medicine; on the other hand, no greater cheats, swindlers or liars can be found.

The Mercurial is of medium height, very compact in build, neat in his appearance, and with an expressive countenance, always conveying a sense of restless activity-as a rule, he retains a more or less youthful appearance in old age.

He is the most active of all the types, both physically and mentally. Proficient in all games and athletic sports, where skill and dexterity rather than physical strength are needed. Possessing as he does good powers of expression, he will be quite at home in debate or argument, and aided by his quick intuition he comes out ahead on his side of the question.

He is keen on scientific study and a born mathematician. In the medical profession he is generally successful, especially so if the Mount is marked by three vertical lines, with a well developed Mount of Jupiter to lend strong ambition as a driving force to his natural energy, scientific aptitudes and keenness.

In the practice of the law, given a long pointed first phalanx to the finger and short nails, he will make his mark as a Barrister. He is also a close student of the occult sciences, and in the ranks of those who are interested in the occult, you will find Mercurials. If a badly marked Mount, with crooked finger, is shown, you will find not only the untrue clairvoyant, but the Palmist who will tell you not only your own name but the names of your friends. As a matter of experience and fact, those who thus glibly under take the impossible are specimens of the bad type of Mercurial.

Mercurials are keen in business and shrewd, are excellent actors and mimics, and on the good side they are not vicious, though generally keen and shrewd. They are fond of children and like having them around them, so long as they do not interfere with their other employments. They are versatile and often try a variety of occupations, and are apt to be envious of the success of others. As a rule they marry early and are fond of home life.

The type is a healthy one though somewhat bilious and of a decidedly nervous temperament; stomach trouble, dyspepsia and similar troubles may affect him. This bilious trend of the type produces a class who, by their practices, are more deserving of being put into prison than many already there-the demarcation line between business shrewdness and actual dishonesty is easily passed, and once over the boundary their customers are cheated wholesale. These unscrupulous traders may possess nice looking hands, but close observation will disclose the crooked finger of Mercury, while an inspection of their  hands would reveal crossbars on the Mount, or a grille with narrow quadrangles. Such an inspection will not be easy, as instinctively they hide their hands, or wash them with invisible soap-there is nothing open handed about them. They are dishonest, no matter in what state of life they may move. The crooked finger, and grilled or cross barred Mount, marks them as native to continued temptation to dishonesty.

The actually criminal Mercurial may be small in stature, with shiftless restless eyes, but he or she will be marked out by the crooked, gnarled fingers, twisted, and bent towards the palm, a grilled Mount, a defective or absent Heart Line, high stiff thumb-amongst such, you have the criminal purer and simple.

Thus in dealing with a Mercurial you must grade him and note what the underlying forces are. The whole of the hand will tell you this; the rules must be carefully applied and the influence of the other Mounts must be calculated. Thus, a well developed Mount of Saturn will help, but as a rule the Mount of Mercury is not often found in combination with other Mounts. The absence of the Mount would indicate incapacity for either commercial or scientific undertakings in dealing with this type, the finger must be considered.

Strongly Mercurial- Note which phalanx is longest, for it is with this type that the three Worlds of Palmistry are most strongly evidenced. The first phalanx long gives great powers of expression, even to eloquence and orator-especially is this so if the finger has a pointed tip (fig 9). The second phalanx being longest, the scientific side of the type will be most marked, and law, medicine or science is indicated. Given the third phalanx the longest, then commerce will be the occupation, and the business man or merchant is shown. The tips must be noted and the respective qualities of the class to which it belongs must be applied.

The best marking on the Mount, either singly or in combination, are the single vertical line, star, square, triangle, or trident. On the other hand, the grille, island, cross, dot or crossbars show the bad qualities of the Mount, either as to health or character, which you can determine by the nails.

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