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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mounts, Chapter VI, Part – 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

This system of combination also applies to the individual fingers, but especially so to the finger of Jupiter. By noting which phalanx of the finger of Jupiter is longest, you will easily ascertain which world is predominant if a long finger is seen, and also which is shortest with a short finger.

If the finger of Jupiter reaches to the centre of the first phalanx of the finger of Saturn, the desire for leadership will not be excessive; if it is as long as Saturn, the desire for domination will be strong, and if longer than Saturn it will indicate the absolute tyrant. If, however, it is shorter than the first joint of Saturn, the native will not be a pure Jupiterian, even though the Mount is a strong one, as the essential element of leadership will be absent.

If the first phalanx (which indicates mental strength) is long, then that World will rule, and religion and intuition will be strong; with Conic tips, idealistic and intuitive qualities will be added to the mental. With a Square tip, there will be more of the commonsense, regularity and order, and less will be taken for granted. With a Spatulate tip (Fig. 3) there will be more originality in his views and actions. The excessively Square or Spatulate tip indicates a domineering spirit, which, in family, business and general affairs of life, amounts to despotism and tyranny. The broader this first phalanx, the more domineering and the less religious will the native is.

The second phalanx tells of the business side of the Jupiterian, and of the ambition which operates as a driving force. If this is long, then the practical affairs of life will take his attention, as he will aim for leadership in the business world. Again we must apply the tip qualities, but with a strong second phalanx, square tips make the best accompaniment. Spatulate tips would show an active, ambitious and original person, who will force his way in the world, on practical lines-the conic tip, adding the conic quality of idealism, would not be so good.

By far the most important phalanx to notice is the third, as to its length and thickness-whether it is long and thick, whether long and waist like, or whether short, with any of these combinations.

If it is only long but not thick, it will indicate that the qualities of the lower world are normal in their influence, assisting and supporting the upper phalanges. If the length of this third phalange should exceed the other two, it would indicate that ambition and desire to rule would be sordid, and would operate in a manner not always refined. The whole nature would be course, but sensualist would not be present as the phalanx is not thick; if long and thick, then gluttony must be added, with a corresponding liability to the health troubles of the type, especially apoplexy. In the long and waist like third phalanx we have the gluttony absent; the aims and ideals of the native will be of a higher nature; with this waist like phalanx the gluttony common to Jupiterians will be absent, and the usual health difficulties will also be absent-the health troubles likely to arise will be from the lungs and throat, or nervousness.

A cross on the Mount is commonly held to indicate a happy marriage, and if there is also a Star on the Mount a brilliant alliance. In opinion of some of the Palmists, the Star really indicates gratified ambition in some direction which may, or may not be marriage.

In dealing with the Mount of Jupiter, and in fact with the entire finger Mounts, the general chierognomatic characteristics of the respective fingers and their qualities must be applied, as affecting the operations of the Mount.

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