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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mounts, Chapter VI, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Mount of Saturn

Part 1
This Mount is situated at the base of the second finger (Fig. 4). The higher this Mount is developed and the longer and larger the finger, the more clearly pronounced is the type of the native. A highly developed Mount of Saturn is not often found, and in the majority of hands there is a depression. The long finger of Saturn is frequently seen, indicating the possession of some of the saturnine qualities.

Generally speaking, the Saturnine may be recognized by the straight uptight finger of Saturn Fig. 5, with the other fingers leaning towards it.

The Saturnine is a peculiar person, always fastidious and particular even as regards trifles, prudent and wise; but if the development is excessive, he would be a veritable wet blanket to damp enthusiasm-his point of view is the gloomy one, and he is ever ready to bring it forward. To bring out its best side, the development should be slight.

He is the tallest of the types, and the representative finger is the largest on the hand. Gaunt, thin and pale, the skin is yellow and wrinkled. His hair is dark, often black, thick but straight and harsh, often losing it while young. The face is long and thin, with high cheek bones. The eyebrows are thick, the eyes deep set and black, with a gloomy expression, changing only when anger or excitement stirs him. The nose is long, straight and thin, with pointed end. The mouth is large, with thin pale lips, the lower jaw prominent. The chest is thin; the shoulders high with a decided stoop, whilst the arms are long and hang lifelessly at his sides. The whole appearance of the typical Saturnine is that of one who sees no bright side to life; he is wanting in vitality, warmth and attractiveness.

He is cynical, devoid of veneration, and ever the doubter. Very unsocial, and does not seek the companionship of others, but is, as a rule, an ardent student, with a liking for chemistry, and is often proficient in occultism. Cautious and prudent, mistrustful of all, he rarely goes into business enterprises with others. In investments he prefers land, farms and houses, as less speculative than stocks and shares, bonds or mercantile enterprises. He is very hard to get on with, for he always looks on the dark side of things and is timid and nervous.

He is not one who cares to marry, and in regard to this question very strong indications must be present before venturing a prediction. Very self reliant, independent, and cares little for the opinion of others.

The prudence which marks him gives him another trait-he is saving, even mean and miserly, and the more strongly the Saturnine indications are marked, the stronger will be the avaricious tendencies. He is very musical and is often a fine performer and a composer, but his music will be severely classical and often tinged with sadness.

With the Mount of Saturn badly grilled, or with crossed developments of the Mount, a bad Heart Line, with crooked lingers and a hard hand, the type will be a bad one.

With respect to health, the Saturnine is a purely bilious type, and as the presence of the bile in the blood creates nervous conditions, this may be looked for and an examination of the nails will show its extent. Rheumatism, hemorrhoids and varicose veins may trouble him. Paralysis is also one of his dangers. Delicate teeth and ear troubles are not unusual. These health troubles, if present, will be found on the Life Line. The Grille or Crossbars on the Mount will suggest their presence, while the nature of the trouble can be ascertained from the nails and so on.

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