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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mounts, Chapter VI, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Mount of Jupiter

Part 1

This Mount is situated at the base of the first or Index finger (Fig. 2), to which it gives the name Jupiter, and is seen, of course, on both hands. The method of judging the Mounts, in order to determine which is the strongest, has already been detailed, as also the way to proceed when several Mounts are equally well developed.

The Jupiterian is always ambitious and a leader amongst men. He is to be found in all walks of life. He is to be found in politics, the army, and the religious affairs. Religion is a strong feature with the Jupiterian, but he will be found holding all shades of opinion, from the ultra orthodox to a line close to skepticism-the tip of the finger of Jupiter will tell you to which extreme he leans. Ambition, love of command, pride of position, religion, love of nature, and a love of ceremony and display, are his predominant characteristics. The type is a good and strong one, but a pure Jupiterian is not frequently met with, as there is generally an admixture of other types.

The pure Jupiterian is of medium height, strongly built and inclined to be fleshy; the skin is smooth and clear, generally fine in texture, healthy looking and pink in colour; the eyes large and expressive, particularly when under emotion. The nose is straight, well formed, tending to be large and often Roman in shape, the mouth large, with lips full and red. The cheeks are well rounded and full, the chin long and firm and with a dimple at the point; the hair is usually brown, often running to chestnut. The constitution is strong and vigorous.

The personality of the Jupiterian is well calculated to command followers, and he is not without a good measure of vanity in his composition, but he is always kindhearted and sympathetic, as well as generous. Always dashing and extravagant, power and rule mean far more to him than money, and though through his enterprises he may make large amounts, he does not hoard.

Religion is natural to him, but being a lover of show and ceremony, in his mode of worship, his forms of government. Anywhere and everywhere, he will glory in pageantry and observance of form. Prefers peace to war, hence he is a strong believer in law and order, and a seeker for popularity. Being naturally honest, he despises dishonesty and fraud. The strong feature of the type is ambition, and with this to stimulate the strong qualities, it is small wonder that the Jupiterian is the most invincible of the types.

To sum up the leading characteristics of Jupiter, they will be found to be:-Ambitious, religion, honor, leadership, pride dignity, and the love of nature. The Jupiterian in respect to marriage is very ambitious; he usually marries young, choosing one of whom he can be proud-but like many others, he often finds himself unhappy in his married life.

As regards health, he is liable to certain complaints. Not only is he a great eater, but he is partial to high living, and may in consequence subtler from overeating. This injures the digestive organs and renders him liable to vertigo and fainting fits, as a warning-such attacks increase in severity, if the overindulgence is continued, until apoplexy ends his career. He is also liable to gout and stomach troubles, which produce impurity of the blood, often affecting the lungs.

Having definitely settled the native as a Jupiterian, the hand considered as a whole will reveal the plane on which he will function. With the mental world strongest, his ambition will lead him to adopt a literary career; if the middle, or material, world is strongest, he will seek to lead in business or commercial concerns; if the lower third is strongest, being already a sensual person, he will become more sensual and bad results will follow.

The best combination of the Worlds is that of the two upper ones; the next would be that of the two lower ones, for in this case the commonsense of the middle one would hold the lower in check; but given a combination of the first and third worlds, the result would be a sensual dreamer.

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