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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mounts, Chapter VI, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

This Mount must be handled carefully, as the type is a peculiar one, and it will be essential to ascertain to what extent the native may be affected by other and redeeming qualities.

A measure of Saturnine should be present, as otherwise there would be a want of balance in the character. Excess would result in morbidity, gloom, melancholy and pessimism. Hence, all the chirognomy tests must be applied, and the hand as a whole considered, for given the fingers in excess of the palm, the mental world will predominate. This will indicate the student and scholar, who will write books or make a good teacher, but would not be a success in business. Given the middle portion of the hand in excess, you have the business man; if the lower portion of the manifest. Should one of the three Worlds be absent while the other two are developed, the effect of the combination must be worked out, thus should the upper and lower worlds be strong, with the middle world absent, you will have a native not only visionary, but ruled by bad material motives, unrestrained-bear in mind, however, that the Saturnine is not a sensualist.

Apply also to this Mount the Worlds as read from the phalanges of the fingers. The first being longest indicates that the mental world leads, and will reveal the student, inclined to be superstitious, with a love of occult studies. The second phalanx being the longest indicates that the business side will lead, and that farming, chemistry, mining, scientific research, history and mathematics, will be vocations most to his taste. If the third phalanx is strongest, then the baser qualities will predominate-especially if this phalanx is thick and the hand coarse or bad, when the miser will be seen. If it is waist like, the desirer for study will be most marked. The finger being bent will give added shrewdness to the saturnine qualities. Should the finger be short, the native is not a Saturnine and is utterly wanting in seriousness and balance.

Generally apply all the chirognomy tests, and bear in mind that although the Saturnine is always more or less gloomy by nature, and predisposed to suicide under a strong sense of ill success, sickness or slight, yet if he is of a high type, he may by mental force hold himself level. Do not run away with the idea that all Saturnine are bad. Some of the noblest, most high minded and successful of men have belonged to this type-as well as some of the most depraved and vicious.

The combination of this Mount with a prominent Mount of Jupiter will give patience and respect with strong Mercury there will be a love of Medicine and a desire for knowledge. In combination with Venus, it will give a love of truth in occultism, charity and self control. In every case a strong Mount of Saturn indicates a love of music, and will generally be seen strongly marked amongst composers.

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