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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mounts, Chapter VI, Part – 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Mount of Sun

This Mount is situated at the base of the third finger (fig. 6), in conjunction with which it serves to mark out its type of individual, and it is one of the pleasantest types to handle.

As a rule, the person governed by Sun is healthy, happy and genial, strongly artistic, and with him the darker side of life is always in the background. He not only looks to the bright side, but endeavors to make others do so as well, and thus helps to make life worth living.

It must, however, be remembered that although a lover of the beautiful and artistic, he is not necessarily a creator of them-which is quite another thing. Before predicting the possession of creative artistic powers, a long finger of Sun, with the first phalanx long, and a good deep Line of Sun, often with Stars on it, will be essential.

The person governed by Sun possesses also a business side, and in this he is often successful, though his love of beauty will probably be displayed in it. Attractive, with a readiness of adaption to existing conditions and the needs of the public, he lays himself out to attract and please-and success follows. This person will possess a high Mount, but not necessarily with deep lines-if these are seen, there will generally be several vertical lines, giving diversity of talent. As a rule you will also see a well developed Mount of Mercury, giving business shrewdness.

He is of medium height, graceful, athletic and supple, with a clear complexion and health. Highly intuitive, often inventive, he sees through things quickly, and this faculty is particularly strong in `literature and art. Being often inventive, he is good at imitation, and often gets credit for much greater knowledge than he possesses-owing to his versatility, he will be able to pass muster in whatever society he may be found. He is invariably cheerful and happy, but has a quick fierce temper when roused; he is not one to harbor animosity or resentment, nor is he one to make lasting friendships. He does not therefore inspire lasting friendship in others.

The good type person governed by Sun, though a lover of pleasure is neither amorous nor sensual; he does not indulge in dissipation, but is a great traveler. Predisposed to marry, yet generally he is most unfortunate in his matrimonial ventures.

Of course, there are bad persons governed by Sun. The Mount and finger (Fig. 7-pointed fingers of Sun) will be strong enough to show that the native belongs to the type, but the short first phalanx and thick third, with short nails and crooked finger, will show a want of the fineness of the type, and indicate one who is vain, boastful, with  good opinion of himself, fond of show and display, with all the extravagance of the type without the capacity to make money. Craving notoriety and overestimating himself, he becomes a man with a grievance and at variance with all. Of course there are many degrees of development between the good and the bad type, and there will often be found a combination with other types, which must be considered in judging the measure of qualities of Sun possessed.

Naturally this type is a healthy one, yet it has its difficulties and Heart trouble is the principal one. The nails must be noted, the Heart Line also for islands, crossbars, stars or other defects, and the Life Line for signs of delicacy marked thereon, while there may be a grille on the Mount itself. Eye weakness is another of the type troubles, which is indicated by a small dot or island on the Head Line under the Mount. Fevers are likely, but they will be acute attacks.

The Hand as a whole must be noted, as it will tell in which World the native will move. Should the fingers reach beyond the palm, then the mind will be the ruling factor, and the native will in all probability find his sphere of action in literature, art, poetry, drawing, or natives of a similar nature. Given the middle world the strongest, then business will claim him. If the lower world is the strongest, and the third phalanx of the finger of Sun is thick, then the beast instincts will prevail.

If the Mounts of Sun and Mercury are equally developed, it will give one in whom justice, decision, and a love of scientific research are the predominant characteristics, while if the middle world predominates, it will give added shrewdness in business affairs. Combined with Mount Moon, there will be common sense, imagination, a love of travel, reflection, and a measure of gaiety. Combined with Mount Venus, the amiability and desire to please will be increased.

If the Mount is absent in both hands, there will be an utter indifference to art, and the trend of the life will be dull, unenlightened and monotonous.

For the best results of the type, there should be smooth fingers with mixed tips, a strong second phalanx to the thumb, with one or three good lines on the Mount, but preferably one deep clear line only.

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