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A Guide to Palmistry: Essentials and Rules for Hand Reading, Chapter VIII, Part – 2

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 2

As regards events and accidents, the student should always remember that although human beings are made of the same materials, i.e. blood, flesh, bones, muscles, nerves, etc., yet they all differ in the construction of their brains and their action and reaction. For instance, if Mr. A and Mr. B, who are both married men, hear at one moment that their wives have been killed, we might find Mr. A totally depressed and about to go mad while Mr. B will look indifferent and perhaps pleased. Now, both persons are inflicted with the same calamity, but their behaviour towards it differs widely. This can be known by examining the shape and texture of the band, the ringers and their tips, etc.

The most puzzling question which is asked by everyone is, how can the hand tell the past and future events? The answer is as follows:

As regards the past events which had actually happened: It is well known that the palm of the hand contains more nerves than any other part of the body. It is also known that any event whether good or bad is carefully recorded in the brain which by ruin reflects its records on the hand in the shape of lines and signs, so that it would be easy by examining the behaviour of the lines to tell what good or bad circumstances had elapsed and how they had affected the career and destiny.

As regards the coming events or accidents comprising the future career and destiny: The brain which is composed of cells, grey matter, fibers, lobes, etc., contains two different kinds of mind, viz., the conscious and the subconscious, which are situated in the front and rear parts of the brain respectively.

The conscious mind governs and directs our daily normal life recording in the meantime every event and emotion that encounter its action since childhood upto the present moment. Its duty and functioning is limited and restricted to the things that it already knows and its knowledge never exceeds the past and present. For this reason no mind, however intelligent or superhuman it may be, can tell what will happen the next moment or what is going on next door. This restricted action of the conscious mind is only manifested “when this mind is awake. Once it becomes lulled or dormant as during sleep or in case of intoxication by drugs, it loses all control over the voluntary movements of the body; that is why when one goes to bed with a book or a cigarette and falls asleep the book or cigarette drops without one knowing it. The brain being conquered by sleep loses its power over the grasping tendons of the hand and thus it drops objects.

When the conscious mind is dormant, the subconscious mind starts to work. Unlike the conscious, the subconscious field of action is not limited, and that is the reason and main cause of dreams and other manifestations experienced during the absence of the conscious mind.

The lives of addicts, especially those who take big doses of narcotic drugs, cocaine, opium, etc., give a magnificent illustration of the absence of the conscious and presence of the subconscious minds. Through the drugs the addict’s conscious mind is stupefied and becomes inactive, leaving the field of action for the subconscious mind. In such cases the addict is found in a very peculiar slate saying and doing fantastic things. He often sees houris or fairies or whatever his heart desires and acts in accordance with these hallucinations and illusions.

Some, magnificent writers’, poets, composers and authors are accustomed to take drugs in order to awake their subconscious minds which supply them with best ideas never attained in case of consciousness.

The subconscious mind knows no barrier of space or place. Its action and duty are unrestricted. The most fascinating desires and ardent sensation are only brought to the surface and disclosed through the subconscious activities.
The unlimited sphere of action endowed to the subconscious mind can best be seen in hypnotism and spiritualism. In both cases, it is essential that the medium should fall into a trance and lose his consciousness. When this is done, the subconscious mind hastens to act and can easily get in touch with your mind or the medium’s or the hypnotiser’s or spiritualist’s mind. It is observed in cases of hypnotism and spiritualism, that the subconscious mind of the medium is unable to tell you something which you, the hypnotizer or the spiritualist totally ignore-future events or accidents, for instance. The reason for this is that the medium’s subconscious mind, in order to know these future events, should contact your subconscious mind where they are stowed, and this is impossible as long as your subconscious mind is not working.

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