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A Guide to Palmistry: Essentials and Rules for Hand Reading, Chapter VIII, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Essentials and Rules for Hand Reading

Part 1

This is the most important chapter of the whole book as it furnishes to the student concrete foundations upon which all accurate Hand Reading is based.

From the preceding chapters, the student can know the character, talents and temperament of the subject. It must always be borne in mind that the items embodied in those chapters can never tell the past or future career, or give any clue as to the circumstances, surroundings and environments of the subject.

Careful study and complete understanding together with proper application of the preceding and coming chapters will enable the student to have an accurate and sound data of the subject’s history.

Great attention should be paid to the different marks and signs spread all over the right and left hand. Signs and marks in the left hand are always considered to be false and poor unless they are supported by similar ones at the same place in the right hand. On the other hand, all marks and signs whether good or bad found in the right hand are considered to be genuine and have their full significance whether or not they are supported by similar ones in the left hand.

A vital problem which always presents itself in Hand Reading is what hand is the right one to read from and rely upon? The right or the left hand? A careful glance at both hands will solve this problem. As will be explained later, the left hand shows the inherited character and talents together with the state of affairs on the birth of the individual. It tells whether or not big surroundings in childhood were adequate enough to rule for him a certain easy career; and what action he has taken towards that career. Has he improved it and moved from good to better, or in the reverse has spoilt it and went from good to bad? The result of his action is shown in the right hand. In other words the left hand tells what the individual might have been owing to his inherited talents and circumstances and the right hand tells what he has done to himself, what he is really now and what he will be in future. The proverb, “The man is the architect of his own fortune’, is very true as every one of us is responsible for our character and doing.

Some palmists insist upon reading from the left hand on the alleged assumption that it is the nearer hand to the heart. Any person without even any medical knowledge knows that the heart distributes blood to all parts of the body at the same rate and quantity; and for this reason we never find one whose left side is more vital than the right because it is nearer to the heart, or for instance observe that the rhythm and rate of his pulse more powerful in the left hand than in the right hand.

The reason why the right hand should always be relied upon in proper Hand Reading is the following fact which is considered sufficient proof to support that theory.

Obviously every person is quite acquainted with his past and present conditions; now, compare the main lines in both hands especially the Line of Fate. If the person has improved the family circumstances presented to him during childhood, that Line of Fate will look more vigorous, deeper and straight in the right hand than in the left. On the contrary, if the person has gone wrong and ruined these circumstances, the Line of Fate will be good in the left hand and bad in the right hand.

A very magnificent proof of this theory can be detected and seen in reading the lives of self-made men. These men, who fought poverty and conquered hardships since early childhood until they had gained their aims, are a very good study for the student of Palmistry. On examining their hands, one will be startled by the great difference in the behaviour of the main lines in the right and left hands. While these lines are seen distorted and feeble in the left hand, they will look good and strong in the right hand.

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