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A Guide to Palmistry: The Mutual Action of Mounts, Chapter VII, Part – 17

Dr. Shanker Adawal

(ii) Good Moon and Bad Venus:

In this type, we find the good Moon in constant battle with bad Venus. The first being chased and upright and the latter vicious and sexual and both lacking willpower, the individual governed by them seems always bewildered and extremely worried. The good Moon goes good for a short period and bring restless soon `follows the bad steps of Venus. Sometimes you find this type sober and decent and at other times drunk and vicious.

This fighting between good and evil soon tells upon the type’s health which deteriorates and causes unbearable sufferings.

On such occasions, the type retires to lonely places sick in body and soul. He broods over his bad condition and finds himself helpless against any temptation. In general, this type is timid and incapable of committing any injury or harm.

Being lazy and hating responsibility, this type prefers minor jobs and does not care to acquire wealth or fame. He is quite contented with his lot and likes to live from hand to mouth.

He prefers to remain single as he cannot shoulder the responsibility of marriage. In case he is tempted to get married, he promises one moment and fails to keep his promise the next. This is repeated many times until he is quite known to many families and has the bad reputation of the “broke fiancé”. After that, even if his intentions of marriage are good and valid, there would be no family who accepts him.

He usually dies at an early age in a lonely place where his corpse is fetched after some days.

(iii) Bad Moon and Bad Venus:

This type is usually flat and flabby, dirty in shape, mind and heart. His prime aim in life is to violate all creeds of decency.

Since childhood, this type shows symptoms of idiocy and mental trouble. Among his amazing characteristic traits is that he never confesses his crime seven under the most severe trials. His looks and state of health usually excite others’ pity and mercy. He avails himself of this human weakness and commits the vilest crimes. With all his diseases and meager body and soul, he seems blunt against any pain. It is remarkable to note this type’s patience under severe pain and torture. Neither good nor bad treatment can put any sense into his brains.

Being naturally a coward, he always commits his foul deeds in secrecy; when found or arrested, he flatly denies and no means on earth can make him confess. Most of his life is spent in prison in painful, mental and physical sufferings.

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