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Thought Of The Day - 07 /11/2012 - Today there is a disconnect between our body, emotions and intellect. The catalyst of education/information hides this disconnect / deception of our mind. We are usually indecisive and this leads to guilt ( in areas of work & relationships mainly ) & this GUILT we hide in ways. The TWO WAYS are LOGIC & MYSTICISM - we know this - we become gullible - an AUTH
ORITATIVE STRUCTURE in the form of GURU or a PERSON takes over your life. Our logic deceives us and i have seen the most INTELLIGENT LOOKING PERSONS are in this state - they look WISE but they are OTHERWISE. Astrologers make HORO - SCOPE into HORROR - SCOPE & EARN/RULE as the GULLIBLE GIVES - BUYS PEACE for THERE SPLIT STATE. Energy of FEAR is fulled by a group and --------. Please help the MISERABLE if you have ONE AROUND - that will be the greatest SHOWER OF GOODNESS that you can do - THE ONLY MEDICINE IS LOVE - pure looks and pure speaking - help the GULLIBLE - ----- _ ----- . PRAY BEFORE KRISHNA FOR HIS GRACE BUT ALSO LIVE HIM TO SOME EXTENT ---- --- - .THIS IS my learning's as i meet people - hope you get the ethos ---- LOVE IS THE KEY - FROM YOUR HEART - HELP THE COMP

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