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Special on Deepawali Festival

Dear Friends, We are offering these Yantra on the celebration of Largest festival "DEEPAWALI", thesse yantra are fully charged with his own power and pran-pratishthit at minimum Dakshina(gift price).
1. Shree Yantra (it is for speciallyfor your wealth and buiness, job, money problemsetc).
2. Deepawali Poojan Yantra (It is for Deepawali poojan with your lightfull happy and healthy familly).
3. Nav Garah Yantra (It is for Nav garah shanti, and escape from evil effect of planats).
4. Kuber Yantra (It is for your safty of money and gold).
5. Raksha Kavach (Tabeez)- (It is for your safty from black magic, any type of mantrik-tantrik atteck from anybody & anywhere).

contect us viya phone or mail.

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