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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Yogas of Intellect and Creative Brilliance, Chapter X, Part – 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

2.13 Nalika Yoga: If 5th lord is in 9th house and 9th & 11th lord are in 2nd house with Moon in Lagna or in 2nd house, this yoga is formed. Such a native is very creative in approach, highly intelligent, wealthy and eloquent speaker.

2.14 Sangeet Yoga: If 2nd house and 2nd lord are related with 5th house, 5th lord and Venus, this yoga is formed. The 2nd house rules over speech and 5th, over all fine arts & entertainment/ amusements. Venus is the natural karaka for music. Jatak Parijaat (7-158) has given another definition of this yoga. As per this, this yoga is formed if Jupiter is posited in 2nd or 5th house with Venus or Jupiter or both or Jupiter is in 2nd or 5th house in sign of Venus/ Mercury with Mercury/ Venus. Such a native will be expert in music and allied arts.

The native was a famous Music director of Hindi films, known for his hilarious & comedy music. In the chart Saturn, the 5th lord, is in 2nd house with 2nd lord Mars. This Mars aspected 5th house and lagna lord Venus therein. Thus Venus is intimately related to both 2nd and 5th house. In addition, there was Gajkesari yoga in 4th house and Kedar (Nabhas) yoga. He made his debut as composer in Hindi film “Kaneez” in 1949, and there after for next 25 years or so he was a leading music director.

2.15 Sankha Yoga: This yoga has two variants. Either the 5th and 6th lord should be in mutual Kendra and lagna lord is strong; or the lords of lagna and 10th house be positioned in movable sign and 9th lord is strong. A native born with this yoga is kind hearted, virtuous, very learned, well versed in scriptures, morally sound, wealthy, blessed with good wife & children, fond of pleasures and lives up to a good old age. This yoga may confer on the native the authority to discipline or punish.

The native was Prime Minister of Israel twice in 2001 and again in 2003 till his death. He had 5th lord exalted Moon in mutual Kendra with 6th lord Sun in 12th house denoting Vipreet Rajyoga, but presence of number of enemies all the same. His Lagna lord Jupiter is very strong being Digbali 1-10th lord in lagna in identical degrees as lagna; thus conferring Sankha yoga on him. He was kind hearted with a military background (exalted Mars in 11th house). He was wealthy, learned, well versed in scriptures and enjoyed his life fully.

2.16 Saraswati Yoga: If Jupiter, Venus and Mercury occupy Kendra, Trikone or 2nd house jointly or severally, with Jupiter being in friendly, own, or exaltation sign, the combination is called after the goddess of learning as “Saraswati Yoga”. One born in this yoga is highly learned, scholarly, very well versed in prose, poetry and in sacred scriptures, rich, praised by all, and with good wife & children.

The native has Venus & Mercury in 2nd house of Speech & wealth and Jupiter is in 5th house in exaltation, thus conferring Saraswati yoga on native. In addition, there are two exchange yogas of lagna lord Jupiter & 5th lord Moon and 2nd lord Mars & 4th lord Mercury. These have caused a great Rajyogas. These yogas have made him a great creative genius. The combination of exalted Sun, 3rd lord Venus and 4th lord Mercury in 2nd house caused another Gyan yoga. These yogas made him a great poet, writer, singer, dramatics, painter and philosopher. Combust 8th lord Venus aspected by Rahu caused his wife to die early in 1901. During dasha of exalted Sun he established “Shanti Niketan” (a great institute of open air learning) and wrote our National Anthem “Jana Gana mana…..”. During Moon-Mercury in 1913, he won Noble prize for his collection of poems “Gitanjali” (offering of songs).

2.17 Sharda Yoga: This has two variants. This yoga can be formed if either 10th lord should be in 5th house, and strong Mercury & Sun occupy their own house or a Kendra; or Jupiter & Mercury occupy a Trikone house from Moon & Mars respectively and Mercury be in 11th house from Jupiter. The  native born in this yoga is learned, virtuous, favoured by rulers, blessed with comforts, and enjoying company of spouse and relations.

The native is a popular tribal leader from Garo hills of Meghalaya. His chart shows 10th lord Mars in 5th house and 5th lord Mercury is in 7th house (a Kendra with 7th lord Sun (Causing Budhaditya yoga); thus conferring Sharda Yoga on the native. He did his graduation from Shillong in 1968. He joined politics early and was very popular leader of his area. From 1977 onward, he has held many political posts like chief minister of Meghalaya, member of parliament, union cabinet minister and speaker of Lok Sabha. He is an expert on tribal matters of NE region. These days his daughter is a union state minister.

2.18 Vidhi Yoga: If 2nd, 6th, and 9th houses or their lords are related with Mercury, Jupiter & Saturn, Vidhi yoga is formed. A native born with this yoga will be a legal luminary either as a lawyer or a judge.

The native is a leading law expert and senior advocate of Supreme Court. In his chart lagna & 2nd lord Saturn conjoins 6th-9th lord exalted Mercury in 9th house. The 3rd-12th lord Jupiter conjoins 7th lord Moon in 10th house to form Gajkesari yoga and aspects 2nd & 6th house. Thus it makes a clean Vidhi yoga. Combust Venus in 8th house caused his wife to die early. The Venus is 5th lord and is depositor of Jupiter as well. Hence he has only one daughter, who is also a leading lawyer. His strong 9th and 10th houses gave him a prominent political role also. He has been member of Rajya Sabha and union law minister under BJP rule.

3. Summary
In all cases of intellect and creative brilliance, the role of Trikone houses and of 5th in particular is of paramount importance. Any number of such combinations can be thought of or worked out. In this chapter, we have discussed 18 such yogas and explained them with the help of 10 charts.

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