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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Yogas for Marriage & Progeny, Chapter XIII, Part – 7


Dr. Shanker Adawal

20. Daniel of Progeny/ No Children

i) 5th lord in a Mercurian sign, conjunct with or aspected by Mercury.

ii) 5th lord in debility and afflicted.

iii) 5th lord in 8th or 12th house and afflicted.

iv) Rahu in 5th aspected by Mars & Saturn.

v) * Saturn & Mars in 7th related with malefic.

vi) *5th & 9th houses and their lords are afflicted.

vii) 7th house or Navamsha occupied by 7th lord is occupied by Sun, Mars or Saturn.

viii) Saturn in a sign of Mercury/ Saturn in 5th aspecting Venus in 7th.

ix) Sun & Mars in 5th or 11th while Lagnesh is weak.

x) Lords of 1st, 5th and 9th houses in Trika houses jointly or severely without benefic influence.

xi) Rahu in lagna and Jupiter & Saturn in 5th house.

xii) 5th lord in a barren sign aspected or conjunct with Mercury/ Saturn.

xiii) Both the spouses have Beeja/ Kshetra sphuta weak.

The native was one of the most beautiful & sexy actress of Hollywood. In spite of marrying thrice in 1942, 1954 & 1956, she could not bear any child. Her Kshetra Sphuta in natal chart was in Libra and in Navamsha was in Gemini, hence very weak. Her Lagnesh Moon was in 7th in Paapkartari. Her 5th lord Mars was in 8th house with 6th lord Jupiter aspected by Rahu. Again 5th lord from Jupiter was Mercury in a barren sign aspected by Mars.

21. Loss of Children due to Various Curses (Shapas)

1) Sarpa-Shapa Yoga: This yoga has following variations.

i) 5th hous is occupied by Rahu and aspected by Mars.

ii) 5th house has sign of Mars and is aspected/ conjunct Rahu.

iii) 5th lord is conjunct with Rahu, while Saturn is in 5th related with Moon.

iv) Rahu is in lagna, Jupiter is associated with Mars and 5th lords is in a Trika house.
In any of the above cases, there will be death of children due to curse of serpents.

The native has a strong Sarpa-shapa yoga in his chart. He had Karaka of Children, Jupiter conjunct with Mars in identical degrees, while Rahu is in lagna aspecting Jupiter-Mars combine and 5th lord Sun is in 8th house, all without any benefic aspects. The native did have children but none could survive infancy due to curse of the serpents.

2. Pitru-Shapa Yoga: This yoga is caused if Sun occupies 5th house in debility, or in between malefic or in Navamsha of Saturn. This will cause the native to lose children on account of his father’s wrath.

3. Matru-Shapa Yoga: This yoga is formed, if there is exchange of 5th & 8th lords, while Moon & 4th lord conjoins 6th house. This yoga cannot operate for Leo & Aquarius lagna, as the same planet (Jupiter/ Mercury) owns 5th & 8th houses. This yoga will result in loss of children due to curse of mother.

4. Preta-Shapa Yoga: The Sun & Saturn in 5th, weak Moon in 7th, Rahu in lagna, and Jupiter in 12th house, gives rise to this Shapa. In this yoga the Moon is subjected to serious afflictions giving rise to Balarishta. As a result, the children die due to curse of the Pretas or manes.

22. Ek-Putra Yoga
The Sun alone in 5th house without any aspect gives rise to the yoga for a single child. The sex of the child is decided by other factors present in the chart.

For illustration, please refer to chart No. 2 of J.L. Nehru. He had 2nd lord Sun in 5th house alone without any aspect. The 5th house had an even sign and 5th lord Mars was also posited in another even sign. The Lagnesh Moon, a female planet was posited in lagna. The 12th house/ lord plays an important role in deciding sex of the child. 12th house had Rahu who aspected his depositor Mercury posited with Venus, another female planet. So his only child happened to be a daughter.

23. Yoga for Twins

Kalyan Verma’s Saravalli, vide chapter 8, states birth of three types of twins as under;
i) If Sun & Jupiter be in Gemini or Sagittarius in aspect to Mercury, birth of two male children be predicted.

ii) If Venus, Mars & Moon be in Pisces or Virgo, in aspect of Mercury, two female children will be born.

iii) If Moon and lagna/ Venus be in even signs and are related with a Strong planet, one male and one female child will be born.
Mars is the natural karaka for twins and Mercury is the planet of plurality. Out of the twins, the first child is signified by 5th house and the 2nd child by 7th house.

The native was 43rd President of USA. He has 5th lord Mars in Nakshtra of Venus, who is conjoined with Mercury, a planet of plurality in lagna. The Moon is conjunct with Jupiter in Virgo of Mercury. 5th house is in Nakshtra of Jyestha of Mercury. Ketu is posited in 5th house also in Nakshtra of Mercury and acts like Mars. Thus Moon, Mars, Venus, and 5th house are related with Mercury. Venus & Mercury are also associated with 7th lord Saturn in lagna. The native was blessed with two twin daughters on 25 Nov 1981.

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