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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Yogas for Marriage & Progeny, Chapter XIII, Part – 8


Dr. Shanker Adawal

24. Yoga for Glorious Children

i) When 10th lord is posited in lagna or 2nd house, native becomes more prosperous than his father.

ii) If the 2nd lord (10th from 5th house) is in a Trikone, exaltation, own or friendly sign, son’s activities will bring honour to the native.

iii) When the lagna lord is posited in a Kendra/ Trikone house under benefic influence, the native’s children become illustrious.

iv) If 4th lord is exalted, the native’s children will lead happy life.

v) When Jupiter is associated with Venus or Mercury in 5th house in a benefic sign, children bring happiness.
In case of Chart No. 2 of J. L. Nehru and Chart No. 105 of Ms Indira Gandhi, 2nd lord Sun is posited in 5th house in friendly sign of Mars. Their children became illustrious and brought glory to their parents.

24. Yoga for Datta-Putra (Adopted child)

i) 5th house in sign of Mercury/ Saturn and aspected by Saturn.

ii) Saturn in own house in 5th conjunct/ aspected by Moon.

iii) 5th lord very weak and is not related to Lagnesh or 7th lord.

iv) A weak Moon in 5th conjunct/ aspected by Mercury.

v) 5th lord in 6th or 12th without benefic aspect.

vi) 5th lord conjoins a malefic 9th house/ lord and Lagna is in a Trikone from Moon, one is inclined to adopt.

vii) 5th lord joins Moon, while Saturn is in 12th and Jupiter is strong.

viii) 5th house is in Gemini/ Virgo, while Lagnesh joi9ns or is aspected by Mercury, one is inclined to adopt.

ix) Lagnesh aspected by Mars is in Gemini/ Virgo, while 5th lord is in Aries/ Scorpio.

x) 7th lord occupies 2nd, 5th lord conjoins malefic, and Saturn/ Mercury occupies 5th house.

xi) Lagnesh & 5th lord aspected by Saturn, while 5th house aspected/ occupied by Mercury & Rahu.

xii) 5th house in sign of Mars, aspected/ conjoined by Mercury/ Saturn, but Jupiter is strong.

The native is a famous & beautiful actress of Hollywood. Her Lagnesh Moon & 5th lord Mars is in 9th house aspected by Saturn, while 5th house has Rahu and is aspected by Mercury. Moreover 5th lord Mars conjuncts 9th lord Jupiter (whose Mooltrikone sign is in 6th, hence malefic also), while her lagna is in a Trikone (5th house) from Moon. Therefore, the lady adopted three children.

25. Yoga for Putra-Shoka

i) 5th or 9th lord is posited in 12th house under malefic influence.

ii) 5th lord is in a malefic Navamsha and aspected by a malefic.

iii) 5th house or its lord is hemmed between malefic and Jupiter is conjoined with a malefic.

iv) 5th, 6th, and 12th house from 12th lord are afflicted.

v) 5th house from lagna, Moon or Jupiter is heavily afflicted.

vi) 5th lord combust or conjoins/ aspected by malefic, while weak Moon is in 8th house.

vii) Children may also die due to curse (Shapa) given at Para 20 above.

The native is a retired engineer from SAIL (Durgapur). His elder son expired in 2001 during dasha of Rahu-Saturn. His 5th house from lagna (Virgo) is afflicted by 7-12th lord Mars, by Rahu & by Saturn: 5th from Moon (Pisces) is hemmed between Sun & 8th lord Jupiter, and 5th from Jupiter (Leo) is in Nakshtra of Ketu and afflicted by 8th lord Jupiter. The 5th lord Mercury is in Paapkartari between Saturn & Sun, while Putra-karaka Jupiter is 8th lord in 12th house. Hence he has to suffer demise of his elder son at an advanced age.

26. Summary

The Spouse and children are the most important and vital associates for any native particularly in old age. The concept of family is complete with their inclusion only. It is the sincere desire of almost all natives (more prominently among females) to ensure well being and long & healthy life of their spouse and children. In this chapter various aspects related with marriage, married life & spouse (95 Yogas) and with children (79 Yogas) have been discussed with the help of 14 new charts. In some cases references have also been drawn to charts of natives given in previous chapters.

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