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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Yogas for Marriage & Progeny, Chapter XIII, Part – 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

17. Yogas for getting Children

i) Lord of 5th in 5th or aspect 5th house.

ii) Lords of 1st, 5th & 7th in lagna.

iii) Lords of 5th from lagna, Moon and Jupiter in good houses.

iv) Mutual exchange of Lagnesh and 5th lord.

v) Jupiter in lagna and 5th lord exalted.

vi) 5th lord, Sun, Mars, & Jupiter in male Navamsha.

vii) Sun, Mercury & Rahu occupy 5th house and Jupiter is conjoined with or aspected by benefics.

viii) Venus is in 5th house and related with 5th, 9th lord or Jupiter.

ix) 5th or 11th lord is in Kendra/ Trikone conjoined with or aspected by benefics.

x) 5th house is related with strong Mercury, Jupiter or Venus.

xi) Lord of 2nd and 5th in 5th house.

xii) Mercury, Jupiter and Venus together in any house.

xiii) Lagnesh in 7th, 7th lord in 11th and 11th lord in 5th house.

xiv) 5th lord and Saturn either in 5th/ 9th house.

xv) Venus, Mars & Moon in dual sign except in Sagittarius.
For illustration of getting many progeny, please refer chart No. 89 of Lalu Prasad Yadav.

18. Yogas for getting many daughters
i) Retrograde 5th lord is in 2nd or 8th house.

ii) 5th lord is in Mrigsira, Ardra, Punurvasu or Hasta Nakshtra.

iii) Moon or Venus or 5th lord in 5th in even sign or even Navamsha.

iv) 5th or 9th lord occupies 7th house in even sign conjoined with or aspected by Moon or Venus.

v) 7th lord in 11th house in even sign.

vi) Moon, Mercury, Venus or Saturn in 5th in Capricorn.

vii) Female planet in 5th in female sign aspected by female planets.

viii) 5th lord in signs of Moon, Mercury or Venus.

The lady has six daughters only. She has Lagnesh Venus in 6th house in Rahu’s Nakshtra, while Rahu is posited in 8th house. Her 5th lord Mercury and 9th lord Saturn are both retrograde. Hence she had daughters only. The 5th lord Mercury is exalted but retrograde, in female sign and in Hasta Nakshtra in 5th house giving her many daughters.

19. Delayed Children

i) Lagnesh Mars exalted or in his own sign, while Saturn is in 8th and the Sun under benefic influence.

ii) Mercury, Jupiter or Saturn in 5th house and 5th lord is in lagna.

iii) Mars in lagna, while Sun is in 8th and 4th house is afflicted.

iv) 8th lord in 11th house afflicted by Saturn or Mercury.

v) 5th lord in 9th house associated with weak benefics and aspected by Rahu.

vi) Saturn in lagna, Jupiter in 12th and 5th lord asapected by a malefic.

vii) Mercury, Jupiter or Saturn in 5th, but 5th lord in a Kendra/. Trikone.

viii) A malefic each in Lagna & 2nd, Strong Jupiter & Saturn related with lagna & 2nd house, while 5th lord is in a benefic house.

The native is an engineer. He got married in Jan 1985, but could get his first child, a girl, only on 4 Jul 1993. His Beej sphuta is in Pisces in both Natal & Navamsha chart, with its lord Jupiter, though exalted but in 8th house in Nakshtra of Mercury. This denotes some lack of hormonal deficiency, which require rectification. Pregnancy of wife is seen from 11th house. His 11th house has 8th lord Moon with exalted 2-3rd lord Saturn. This again indicates delay in pregnancy. 5th lord Mars, though in 9th house conjunct with Venus, but both are combust and aspected by Rahu. This confirms delay in conception. Lagna lord Jupiter is exalted in 8th house and aspected by exalted 2nd lord Saturn (in Nakshtra of Jupiter) from 11th house. Thus Saturn is closely related with Jupiter. Therefore as soon as Saturn dasha started, the conception took place in Saturn-Saturn dasha.

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