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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Arishta Yogas, Chapter XIV, Part – 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

18. Kushta Rog (Leprosy) Yoga

The Kushta is of three types, the while kushta or leprosy is considered very dreadful & loathsome, the other two types are “red Kushta” & “Dark Kushta”. The term Kushta does not necessarily mean leprosy and may, in fact, encompass a host of skin diseases. The yogas for leprosy have following variants:

i) Lagnesh joins lord of 4th or 12th in conjunction with Mars & Mercury.

ii) Weak Jupiter occupies 6th with Moon & Saturn.

iii) Affliction of Moon, Mercury by Mars on the one hand and by Rahu on the other leads to white patches.

iv) Following combinations may cause white patches.

1. Lagnesh and Mercury with Rahu/ Ketu.

2. Mars & Moon with Rahu / Ketu.

3. Moon in Aries/ Taurus associated with Mars & Saturn.

v) Sun-Mars combination or position of Moon, Mars, Venus & Saturn in watery signs leads to red Kushta.
vi) Sun-Saturn combination leads to dark kushta or dark patches.

Lagnesh Jupiter is relatively weak. It is posited in 10th house associated with 2nd lord Mars (both in Nakshtra of 3-8th lord Venus) and aspected by Saturn. Moon & Saturn are posited in lagna aspected by Mars and by Rahu. Mars is depositor of Rahu also. Mercury may be exalted but is badhakesh & in Nakshtra 2nd lord Mars, associated with 8th lord Venus and aspected by 12th lord Saturn and Ketu. Hence during dasha of Venus-Saturn, the native noticed white spots on legs, thigh the then on face. In spite of costly treatment, the spots disappeared only for a while and then again reappeared.

19. Yoga for Lameness
The lameness could be due to variety of reasons like weakness of muscles, polio, accident related fracture or disease in lower limbs. This yoga has following variants.

i) Full Moon & Mars or Moon, Mars & Saturn are posited in 6th house.

ii) Moon & Saturn associated with a malefic, occupy 5th or 9th house identical with Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces.

iii) Sun, Mars & Saturn are posited in 6th or 6th lord & Saturn are in 12th house aspected by malefic.

iv) The 8th & 9th lords are in 4th house under influence of malefic.

v) Moon & Saturn in Cancer without any benefic influence.

vi) 7th lord Saturn associated with Venus and aspected by malefics.

20. Meerati Yoga

This yoga is formed when 3rd lord is posited in a Trika house conjoined with or aspected by a malefic. Such a native is vanquished by enemies, is devoid of strength & courage, and have excited temperament and has no brothers.

21. Mook (dumb) Yoga

The 2nd & 5th houses are related with speech, while Mercury & Jupiter are Karaka for speech. If these houses, their lords and Karaka are afflicted, one can have speech related problems or be even a dumb person. Some of the combinations are given below:
i) 2nd house/ lord is under heavy affliction.

ii) 2nd lord joins 8th house with weak Jupiter.

iii) 6th lord with Mercury/ Jupiter is in lagna.

iv) Moon, Mercury or Jupiter as 5th lord in 2nd house under heavy affliction.

The native had Saturn (R) in Nakshtra of 12th lord Mars posited in 2nd house, hemmed between malefic & Mars & Rahu on either side. 2nd & 5th lord Mercury was posited in 8th house aspected by Mars & 8th lord Jupiter. The other Karaka of speech Jupiter was 8th lord aspected by Mars & Saturn. Hence the native could not speak since birth.

22. Napunsak (Impotent) Yoga

Under following combinations, a native may be sexually weak to impregnate a woman or an impotent or an eunuch:
i) Saturn & Venus are in 8th or 10th house devoid of any benefic influence.

ii) Saturn or Mercury in a watery sign in 6th or 12th house aspected by a malefic only.

iii) Saturn is in a Trika house from Venus without any benefic influence.

iv) 7th lord in Nakshtra of Mercury/ Saturn without benefic aspect.

v) Saturn & Mercury in 7th house or in mutual aspect.

vi) Saturn in lagna aspect Mercury associate with a malefic in 7th house.

vii) Saturn or Mercury in 7th and 7th lord is in debility.

viii) Lagna, Moon & Venus all in odd signs in Navamsha.

ix) Combust/ debilitated 7th lord in 6th/ 8th house owned by another combust/ debilitated planet.

x) Sun & Moon, Saturn & Mercury or Mars & Sun, in any one combination, one planet aspecting the in an odd/ even sign.


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