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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Arishta Yogas, Chapter XIV, Part – 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

14. Heart Diseases’ Yoga

Cancer & Leo are natural seat of heart and their lords Moon & Sun are the Karaka planets. When Cancer, Leo, Moon, Sun, 4th & 5th houses are afflicted one may have heart related problems. Various astrological yogas for heart related diseases are as follows;
i) When Saturn afflicts, it causes palpitation & shivering of heart.

ii) The affliction by Ketu causes pain in the heart.

iii) Affliction by Mars causes surgery of heart.

iv) When Saturn afflicts Jupiter, one has an enlarged heart.

v) When karaka planets Sun and/ or Moon are afflicted by Trika lords or Mars, Saturn or Nodes, it causes heart problems depending upon the degree of malevolence.

vi) Malefic Trika lords are related with 4th/ 5th house.
For illustration, please refer Chart No. 112 of Arjun Singh. He died of heart attack on 4 Mar 2011 during Saturn-Saturn dasha. His 4th house was afflicted by 8th lord Saturn. His Sun was debilitated in 5th house with 4th lord Mercury, aspected by 6-11 lord Mars and was in Rahu-Ketu axis; while Moon was 2nd lord associated with Rahu in 11th house.

15. Heer-Buddhi Yoga

This yoga makes a native a dunce, Jada-Buddhi or devoid of any wisdom. This yoga has following variants;
i) If Saturn occupies 5th house, aspects Lagna lord and lagna lord is conjoined with or aspected by malefic.

ii) Moon, Saturn & Gullick are posited in Kendras.

iii) Moon is posited in lagna and Mars & Saturn aspect Moon.

iv) 3rd lord is conjunct with Rahu.

v) Saturn as Lagnesh is posited in 5th house, and aspect 5th lord.

16. Killer Yoga

When a planet (Venus) is 3rd & 8th lord simultaneously or the two lords are conjunct and in either case it is under severe malefic influence without benefic aspect, such a native takes life of number of persons mercilessly.

The native  was ill-famous Nazi leader of Germany in charge of Gestapo operation during or just prior to World War II. He was responsible for killing & torturing thousands of Yahudis. In his chart, Venus as lord of 3rd & 8th was posited in 6th house in enemy’s sign, and was held in Paapkartari between 2nd lord Mars & 6th lord Sun. The 12th lord Saturn ® also aspected the Venus from his previous house.

17. Kshaya Rog (T.B.) Yoga

A native suffers from Kshaya Rog or almost regularly have cough & cold due to following:
i) Lagnesh & Venus are in a Trika house.

ii) Sun & Moon are in Cancer/ Leo or in each other’s sign or Navamsha.

iii) Rahu in 6th, Mandi in a Kendra and Saturn in 8th house.

iv) Mars aspects Moon-Saturn combine.

v) Lagna is aspected Mars & Saturn.

vi) Moon or Venus afflicted by Mars and Saturn/ Rahu.

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