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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Arishta Yogas, Chapter XIV, Part – 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

23. Netra-Vikar Yoga

The 2nd & 12th houses represent vision in left & right eyes, while luminaries represent the eyes itself and Venus, the eye-sight. Affliction to these houses/ planets cause different types of Vikar (rog) in eyes/ eye-sight as under:

a) For blindness:

i) Sun & Rahu in Lagna, while Mars & Saturn are in in Trikones.

ii) Lagnesh conjoined with Sun & Venus posited in a Trika house.

iii) Mars, Moon, Sun and Saturn are posited in 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th house respectively.

iv) Sun & Moon are in 3rd or a Kendra house and afflicted.

v) Moon associated with Mars, Jupiter or Venus in a Trika house and aspected by malefic.

vi) Mercury & Moon be in 2nd house or Lagnesh & 2nd lord with Sun are in 2nd house aspected by malefic.

vii) Mars or Moon in lagna aspected by Jupiter or Venus, let only one eye functional.

viii) Moon & Venus in a Trika house or Lagnesh, Moon & Venus in lagna causes night-blindness.

b) Poor eyesight or diseases of Eyes:

i) If Sun/Moon/Venus are in 2nd/ 12th house aspected by malefics.

ii) Lords of 6th & 10th in lagna with 2nd lord.

iii) 2nd lord & Venus are together and afflicted.

iv) Lagnesh is in the sign of Mercury or Mars.

v) Venus in 2nd/ 12th house with its lord aspected by a malefic.

vi) Venus is hemmed between malefics.

vii) Venus in 8th house aspected by malefics cause problem of water flowing from eyes.

viii) Saturn & Mars are lords of 2nd & 12th house without benefic influence.

The native was a popular American educationist & social worker. She had Lagnesh Venus combust in 2nd house with Sun & Ketu, while 12th house had Saturn afflicted by Rahu. The Moon is afflicted by Mars & Ketu. She became blind & deaf after 19 months of her birth due to illness. However as 5th lord Mercury & 7th lord Mars are together in 3rd house, aspected by Jupiter, She became a writer. She wrote many books including “The story of my life” in 1902.

24. Pakshaghat (Paralysis) Yoga

The paralysis is Vayu (wind) generated disease, which is controlled/ caused by weakness of nervous system. The Karaka planet is Mercury. If Lagna, 6th & 9th house and their lords are posited in sign of Mercury/ Mars and are afflicted by Saturn or Rahu/ Ketu, the native may have attack of paralysis in the relevant part of the body.

The native was US President from 1932 to 1944. He had lagna in the Nakshtra of 12th lord Sun in Mrityu Bhag degree and aspected by 3-8th lord Mars & debilitated Ketu. Lagnesh Mercury was in Nakshtra of Mars in sign of debilitated Saturn posited in 8th house. This caused him severe paralytic attack in legs in 1920 during Saturn-Jupiter dasdha. This made him half invalid for the rest of his life.

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