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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Yogas with Trikone Houses and their Lords, Chapter IX, Part – 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. Introduction
1.1 The Trikones are the most important houses in any horoscope. Although there are four Trikones, when one refers to Trikone houses, one normally means Dharma or spiritual Trikone. With their location forming a triangle with lagna as the apex and 5th & 9th houses as base, there constitute the most auspicious houses. Lord Ganapati is said to be posited in the center of the Trikone. These houses are called the Lakshmi Sthan or place of wealth. It is said that the soul enters the world through 5th house (womb), comes into the world as body (lagna) and after completing the Karma assigned to it, goes out of this world through 9th house. If 9th house has more strength in Shadbala/ Ashtakvarga, it facilitates Moksha (salvation). This Trikone aims at transformiong the native to a higher stage of evolution through their Divine faculties and creativity.

1.2 The lagna represents the soul & body, 5th house the wisdom & creativity, and the 9th house religion, righteousness & luck. Whether the zodiacal signs associated with these houses are ruled by natural benefics or malefic, every planet influencing these houses, will invariably produce favourable results leading to greater evolution/ happiness. The rulership of the spiritual Trikone, enables the planets to transcend any adverse propensity and render them as always beneficial to the native. The lagna or the ascendant is always the most beneficial house representing body & soul, and its lord the most helpful planet, which guides and assist the native in all walks of life. In fact no yoga or combination, however potent it might be, will be able to deliver any useful result, if the lagna and its lord are weak. Their strength is the first and foremost requirement for success of any yoga. Lagna holds the unique position of being a Kendra as well as a Trikone house.

2. Yogas with Lagna and/ or its Lord

2.1 Amala Yoga: This yoga is caused when there is a natural unafflicted benefic in 10th house from Lagna (or Moon). The word “Amala” means spotless. The 10th is supposed to be the house of Karma, honour, status and vocation for living. The 10th house is said to be the strongest among the Kendras. When a pure/ strong benefic occupies 10th house, one pursues a legitimate and honourable means of earning, follows idealism in his profession and as a result enjoys a lasting fame, respect and affection from people & the rulers. The almighty blesses such a native with all physical comforts & pleasures. This is not very uncommon and can be seen in the chart No. 38 of Mao Tse Tung (from Moon) and in chart No 62 of Dhirubhai Ambani (from Lagna). Let us see another case:

The native is a famous industrialist of India. He has unsullied Jupiter posited alone in 10th house. The Jupiter aspects lagna lord Venus & 7-12th lord Mars in 2nd house and 3rd lord Moon in 6th house. The yogkaraka 9-10th lord Saturn aspect lagna from 11th house. The lagna has 4th lord Sun with 2-5th lord Mercury causing Budha-aditya yoga. There is exchange of lords of lagna & 2nd house as well. This made him a pioneer of auto industry. Most of his wealth is self-earned. But Jupiter being 8-11th lord gave him good inheritance also. The native is grandson of famous shri Jamuna lal Bajaj.

2.2 Chapa Yoga: This is a yoga different from the one of similar name in Nabhas yoga. This is caused when Lagna lord is exalted and lords of 4th & 10th have interchanged the houses. The native with such a yoga will grace a King’s council, be an exchequer or controller of treasury, a man of integrity & respect.

2.3 Kuldeepak Yoga: This yoga is formed when Mercury & Venus are in Lagna, Jupiter in another Kendra and Mars in 10th house. Thus all the Kendras are well looked after. A native with such a yoga, brings glory, name & fame to his family and leads a very happy & prosperous life.

2.4 Lagna Yoga: If there are three or more benefic planets in lagna, one is healthy, wealthy & powerful like a king. But if there are three malefic planets, one is humiliated by all, suffers from fear & sorrow, and poor. Since lagna is associated with body, honour, power, status, health & wealth, presence of many benefics increase these qualities and malefic produce the opposite results.

For illustration, please refer chart No. 33 of Rajiv Gandhi.

2.5 Lagnadhi Yoga: When benefics (Mercury, Jupiter & Venus) are posited in 6th, 7th, and 8th houses, jointly or severely from lagna, the Lagnadhi yoga is formed. It bestows on native enjoyable, healthy, & happy life amid luxuries, wealth and fame. For better results, 4th house should not have any malefic and benefics should not be afflicted or debilitated.

The native was one of the most versatile Hindi film icon, who was actor, producer, director, singer & music director all rolled into one. He entertained public for over three decades. In his chart Lagnadhi yoga can be seen in pure form as Lagna lord Jupiter was in 6th, 11th lord Venus in 7th and 10th lord Mercury with Moon was in 8th house of Cancer. All benefics were strong and there was no planet in 4th house. The native was a happy-go person who enjoyed his life fully with all luxuries and created a name for himself in film industry.

2.6 Sareera Soukhya Yoga: If lagna lord, Jupiter and Venus occupy a Kendra jointly or severally, this yoga is formed. It is highly powered yoga blessing the native with long healthy life with wealth and political favours.

2.7 Shrikant Yoga: This yoga is formed when Lagna lord, Moon and Sun are in Kendra/ Trikone from lagna jointly or severely in their own, friendly or exaltation signs. A native born with this yoga is virtuous, religious, good scholar, free from malice and famous.

The native was Prime Minister of India from 19991-’96. He had Lagna lord Vargottam Mercury in his own, Gemini, sign, with 12th lord, Digbali Sun and 3-8th lord Mars in the 10th house; whereas 11th lord Moon is in 7th house in friendly Pisces. Hence Srikant Yoga is formed making native a great scholar, soft spoken, and a popular & efficient politician, who brought many economic reforms during his period of Premiership. However Presence of 8th lord Mars in 10th house made his entry and exit as premier sudden & abrupt.

2.8 If the rising sign is Pisces in last Navamsha and is aspected by Jupiter, the native will be a king or king like person, very wise, scholar, honest, popular and wealthy.

2.9 If Mars and Saturn are in Ascendant, Moon in 4th house, Jupiter in 7th, Venus in 9th, Sun in 10th and Mercury in 11th house, it forms a great yoga, making the native very wealthy and powerful as a King himself.

2.10 If lagna lord conjunct Moon sign lord and both aspect lagna, a great Rajyoga is formed. A native born with this yoga is blessed with an eminent and powerful place in the society, is wealthy, of pushing temperament, and is always successful in all of his ventures.

The native is great anti-apartheid leader and Ex-President of South Africa. He had Lagna lord Jupiter joined with Moon sign lord Venus in 7th house, aspecting lagna. He is a very popular & powerful leader of African national Congress. He was awarded Noble Prize for Peace during dasha of 9th lord Sun in 1993. After being President for two terms, he voluntarily stepped down from Presidentship to give others’ a chance. He was born in Gandamool Nakshtra and suffers from Kaal Sarpa yoga. This kept him in jail for over 30 years by racist regime of Whites’ between 1956 to ’90.

2.11 If Lagna lord is in exaltation and aspect strong waxing Moon, it makes the native wealthy, enjoy all luxuries/ comforts and crushes his enemies.

2.12 If the three benefics, Jupiter, Venus & Mercury are in Ascendant and Saturn is in 7th house as digbali, a great lagna yoga is formed. This yoga makes the native very rich and enable him to lead a life of full of respect by people and with all luxurious/ comforts.

2.13 If Mon is in ascendant in exaltation and Sun, Jupiter & Saturn are in Kendra/ Trikone houses, the native is very learned, healthy, wealthy and enjoys life with family.
The native has exalted Moon in lagna with 4th lord Sun in 4th (a Kendra) with 5th lord Mercury (Budhaditya yoga) and Jupiter & Saturn in Trikones (in 5th & 9th house), thus forming this yoga. The native stood first in MBBS at Calcutta, and went to USA for further study during Rahu-Mars, both influencing lagna lord Venus, in 1969. He is professor of Medicine in one of the US medical college and having a good life in USA.

2.14 If strong Mercury is in ascendant, a strong benefic in 9th house and other planets spread over houses other than Trika houses, this yoga is formed. Here the stress is on avoiding negative influence of 3rd, 6th, 8th, & 12th houses. A native born with this yoga is wealthy, popular, powerful and knowledgeable as a king.

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