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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Yogas Related with The Sun & Moon, Chapter VIII, Part – 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

4. Other Moon Yogas
4.1 Chandra Yoga: When Mars in 3rd from Moon, Jupiter & Saturn in 2nd, and Venus in 8th, this yoga is formed. Such natives observe strictly the ancient rituals. They will be rich, wear beautiful ornaments and powerful as a king.

4.2 Chandradhi Yoga: When Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus are posited in 6th, 7th or 8th houses jointly or severally from the Moon, this yoga is formed. It is a very important Rajyoga. The native born with yoga will be healthy, wealthy, famous, long lived, prosperous, energetic, polite and trust worthy. The results of this yoga will depend on the strength of the three benefics and the houses they are lord of.

William Henry Gates III, known as bill Gates, became the youngest wealthiest person on earth. His state of opulence & phenomenal rise are attributed to Chandradhi yoga in a pure form. From Lagnesh Moon, Karaka of wealth, 6-9th lord is in 6th, exalted Mercury with Yogkaraka Mars in 7th and Venus in own Mooltrikone sign with exalted Saturn is in 8th house. 4th from Moon Ketu gave him great name & fame in computers. Venus and Saturn in 4th house forming two Mahapurush Yoga (Malavya & Sasa) add further to his affluence.

4.3 Chandra-Mangal Yoga: If the Moon and Mar are together or in mutual aspect, this yoga is formed. Such a native will be very rich, hard working but short tempered. He will have great financial prosperity and business sense. In a man’s chart, it can bring gains through women. This yoga may also have some bad effects like earning through foul or baser means, inauspicious to mother, restless mind and worrying nature.

When this yoga occurs in an unfavourable house or either of the planet is debilitated, native earns money out of unholy transactions or of women. However if Jupiter aspects this yoga, the evil effects are minimized. Without the blessings of Jupiter, the natives of this yoga, will hardly have any peace of mind in spite of affluence and material prosperity. It may give health & wealth, but not peace of mind. Aspect/association of Saturn may cause difficulties and delays. Association of Rahu-Ketu may incline one towards immoral, illegal, or wrong acts leading to ruin & downfall in the end.

Native is born in Gemini lagna which rules over artistic pursuits. Lagnesh Mercury is with 3rd lord Sun in 9th house (Budha-aditya yoga) and 2nd lord Moon is full in 3rd house with 11th lord Mars in 3rd house forming Chandra-Mangal yoga. This yoga is further strengthened by the aspect of 7-10th lord Jupiter from its Mooltrikone sign. She has two Mahapurush yogas also, namely Hamsa yoga in 7th house and Malavya yoga in 10th house. The lord of 5th house (of Poorva Punya) is exalted in 10th house and is aspected by Mars. The native has amassed wealth from various sources. She is very fond of costly apparels. She has strong 3rd, 7th, 9th, 10th & 11th houses. She started her career as a film actree in 1964 during Venus dasha. But later joined politicvs with her mentor, MG Ramachandran. After his death she first became chief Minister of Tamilnadu 1987. She has just been elected Chief Minister for the 4th time with massive mandate in assembly election of May 2011 during dasha of Rahu-Mars.

4.4 Garuda Yoga: If birth of a native is during day time, the Moon is waxing, and the lord of Navamsha occupied by the Moon is exalted, Garuda yoga is formed. Such a native will be pious, have polished speech, and feared by the enemies; but there is a danger from poison in 34th year.

4.5 Hatha-Hantha Yoga: If the Sun occupies Moon’s sign (Cancer), while the Moon occupies Sun’s sign (leo) or the 11th house, this yoga is formed. The native in such a case is likely to suffer severer humiliation or failure,. It may be an act of obstinacy leading to such a crisis, which may end up in death as well.

4.6 Indra Yoga: This yoga has two variants – lords of 5th & 11th interchange with Moon in 5th house; alternatively from Moon, Mars & Venus is in the 3rd house and Saturn & Jupiter are in 9th house. Such a native is a king or equal to him, wealthy, famous, and fortunate but may not live long.

4.7 Maha Paataka Yoga: When the Moon is conjoined with Rahu, aspected by a Jupiter, which itself is under malefic association, this yoga arises. The native under this yoga is a heinous sinner.

4.8 Maha Shakti Yoga: If the Moon is in 2nd from Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, in natal or Navamsha chart, by sign or longitude, this yoga is formed. It confers on the native abundance of courage, tolerance and success in any field of life.

4.9 Pushkala Yoga: This yoga is formed when lord of lagna and that of the Moon sign occupy a Kendra or in a house identical with a sign of a fast friend and the lagna is aspected by a strong planet. Such a native is king or king like, wealthy, famous, sweet speech, and with many people to look after his comforts.

The native was a truly royal princess of her times. She married early to Prince Charles of Britain in 1981 and divorced him in 1996. In her chart Lagna lord Jupiter and Moon sign lord Saturn were together in 2nd house of Saturn. In addition, strong Mercury causing Bhadra Mahapurush yoga aspected lagna from 7th house, thus forming Pushkala yoga. She had all the attributes of the yoga conferred on her.

4.10 Sakata Yoga: This yoga is different from the Nabhas yoga of the same name. This yoga is formed when Jupiter, located in a house other than a Kendra, occupies 6th, 8th or 12th house from the Moon. This yoga causes the native to toil & struggle all his life, and makes him a destitute, disliked by all and with ever fluctuating fortunes. Even princes are supposed to suffer when this yoga obtains in their horoscope. The Mansagri attributes following results for different positions of Jupiter;

i) Jupiter in 6th from Moon: Detected, without a house, long loved on charities of others.

ii) Jupiter in 8th from Moon: Ever ailing, miserable, and cannot even dream of comforts, despite being son of a wealthy father.

iii) Jupiter being in 12th from Moon: Opposed to one’s kith & kin.

However if 6th from lagna is aspected by Jupiter, native gets all comforts.

Position of Jupiter in 6th or 8th house from Moon is an important constituent of Chandradhi yoga. Therefore Jupiter in all cases cannot be adverse in such situation. Where both Moon and Jupiter are strong, possibly this yoga gets cancelled or greatly minimized. Please refer the Chart No. 2 of Pt J.L. Nehru. He had lagna lord Moon in lagna and Jupiter in 6th house in its Mooltrikone sign. The Jupiter is further strengthened by association of Ketu in 6th house. The native was a favourite of the masses, and enjoyed dignity and status at its best. However the course uphill was full of struggles and uncertainties.

4.11 Sun-Moon Combinations: These produce five different yogas as under:

1. Sun-Moon Conjunct: It causes bad Kuhoo yoga. The birth is around Amavasya, causing low vitality and proneness to illness. If Mercury joins them, malefic results are vastly reduced and native become a great thinker or expert in occult sciences.

2. Uttamadhi Yoga: This yoga is also called Adham, Sama and Varista Yoga. When Moon is in Kendra from Sun, we get Adham yoga- wealth & happiness at the lowest. When Moon is in a Panphara house from Sun, we get Sama Yoga, conferring medium wealth & happiness. When Moon is in Apoklim houses from the Sun, we get Varista Yoga conferring maximum wealth & happiness. The Sun represents happiness and Moon the wealth. The underlying idea in these three yogas is natural strength of Sun/ Moon and of the signs where they are posited. It should be noted that the time of birth is of no consensus, whether it be a day or night.

As per Ratak Parijaat, as the Moon occupies a Kendra, Panphara or Apoklim house, with respect to the Sun, the moral values, wealth, knowledge, intellectual precision and happiness keep on increasing. As per Parashar, if Moon occupies its own or friendly Navamsha, duly aspected by Jupiter, and when the birth takes place during day, the native will be very rich. In the above circumstances, if birth is during night, and the Moon is aspected by Venus, the native will again be very rich. The best situation for the Moon is to be in a Apoklin house. The Mansagri, ascribes following results to the Moon’s placement in an Apoklim house with reference to Sun:

i) In 3rd from Sun: Of a royal status, illustrious & well versed in several subjects.

ii) In 6th from Sun: Varied ailments.

iii) In 9th from Sun: Many sons, troubles from daughters.

iv) In 12th from Sun: Wealthy, respectable, with many comforts.

3. Sun & Moon in 6-8 Position: It is an unpleasant situation, which produces characteristics and psychological conflicts in life, pertaining to the house they are posited. If simultaneously 4th lord and 9th lord are also in 6-8 position, the relationship between the parents of the native will be traumatic.

5. Summary
5.1 The Sun & the Moon are the most important royal planet in a chart. The Sun represent, soul, father, authority, moral values, fame etc and the Moon, the mother, mind, emotions, liquids, happiness and wealth etc. However Sun’s closeness Mars many yogas as planets when conjunct with Sun get combust. But Moon being ruler of mind (Mana) is a great facilitator for quickly achieving the objective. In this chapter 21 Yogas have been described with the help of nine charts.

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